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Manage your environmental compliance. Reduce CO2 emissions. Simplify it all with Tekomar XPERT marine all-in-one software solution. Real insight into your engine performance, emissions and hull efficiency.

Introducing Tekomar XPERT



Optimize fuel efficiency and engine performance with instant engine diagnostics and advisories, delivered automatically throughout every voyage. See what’s going on, make smart corrections, reach your engine’s efficiency potential all the time.

Tekomar XPERT


Stay on top of your Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating. Get a clear view of each vessel’s current CO2 emissions and see CII rating forecast reports, automatically. Improve your CII ratings as you improve your operational efficiency.

Tekomar XPERT

Hull & Propeller

Hull and propeller condition make a big impact on efficiency. Get critical insights into their condition and its effect on engine propulsion efficiency. Reduce overconsumption and CO2 emissions and make smart choices on hull cleaning.

Tekomar XPERT

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Tekomar XPERT for fleet contains only the engine module. With Tekomar XPERT marine you can include Emissions and Hull & Propeller modules, giving you the combined power of analytics from all three modules.

No. Not by default. Tekomar XPERT marine uses existing sensors and signals available from multiple sources on board, picking them up from the customer's cloud or 3rd party cloud.

Basically none. Once the Tekomar XPERT marine license is purchased, we only require minor support in connecting to your cloud to access the required signals.

Yes. We have established connectivity with a wide range of data collection systems including Kongsberg, Hoppe, Danelec and Immarsat.

That is good. Tekomar XPERT marine is not a monitoring or data collection system. It is an evaluation system that analyzes the data from the monitoring system and provides advise to you.

Continuous evaluation

This optional function allows Tekomar XPERT to use engine data gathered by edge computing services, adding a new dimension to its monitoring, reporting and advisory capabilities.

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