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Helping you find ways to make the running costs of your turbochargers more predictable than ever.

Know where best to direct your budgets

In the maritime industry, long-term budgeting and predicting future costs are an endless challenge. That’s why every opportunity to stabilize your running costs year-on-year is vital, giving you more control over your spending. As well as the power to direct budgets where they’re needed most. 

running cost predictability

Increase running cost predictability

Keeping your turbochargers at peak efficiency is a good start. Our service agreements can be tailored in scope to match your business. We also offer real time monitoring. Together, these keep costs on an even keel and reduce the possibility of unexpected expenses.  

We help you keep costs predictable through: 

Technology with proven reliability: 180,000+ Accelleron turbochargers in operation worldwide


Expert servicing to protect turbochargers throughout their lifecycle


Service options to keep costs predictable, while saving on parts and labor


Digital solutions to monitor your turbochargers, keep them at peak efficiency and eliminate unforeseen issues and repairs


Turbocharger and engine upgrades for lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved performance


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