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Reliability and efficiency are the bedrock of rail operations. The resilience and performance of our turbocharger technology keep you operating, help you reduce fuel use and operate more sustainably.


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A100-M Axial

Accelleron’s A100-M Axial turbochargers are designed for large medium-speed engines, in heavy-duty applications and can help you maximize uptime.

A100-M Radial

Accelleron’s A100-M Radial turbochargers are designed for both main and auxiliary medium-speed engines and can help you maximize uptime.


Accelleron's TPS-F turbochargers are designed for small medium-speed diesel engines and large high-speed diesel and gas engines and can help you reduce emissions.

Power2 for rail

Accelleron’s Power2 two-stage turbocharging solutions for rail are designed for heavy-duty diesel engines and can help you cut costs.

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