Let’s talk about uptime

Strong reliability, fast problem-solving and only essential maintenance equals better engine availability.

We get it, you can’t afford downtime.

A power plant out of use can cost you millions. 


Everything you can do to reduce maintenance time saves money and helps you plan your finances ahead with confidence, enabling you to focus on business-critical tasks and remain competitive.  Unscheduled maintenance and repairs are especially damaging, because they can happen at the worst possible times. 


We can help you maximize your time in service

There are many ways to optimize uptime to keep your power plant running, increase reliability, reduce wear, eliminate unnecessary maintenance and reduce servicing needs overall.  

Our industry-leading solutions can help with all of your needs and they include: 

Technology with proven reliability: 180,000+ Accelleron turbochargers in operation worldwide


Lifecycle servicing with unrivalled Accelleron expertise and original equipment parts with optimum availability


Digital solutions to monitor turbocharger operation and minimize unplanned repair and servicing events


Service options including uptime and response guarantees and rapid turbocharger replacement when needed


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