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Turbocharging was invented more than a century ago with the sole purpose of improving efficiency, and thus reducing environmental impact with less fuel, less emission. This is the DNA of our business. Moving further, we are committed to delivering solutions that help accelerate industry transformation towards a decarbonized world.

Daniel Bischofberger, CEO of Accelleron

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Key Energy Rimini 2024

  • Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2024
  • Rimini Expo Centre, Italy

Accelleron will be showcasing at Key Energy, the most significant trade fair in Europe dedicated to energy transition. The event emphasizes technologies, systems, and solutions that advance the sustainable utilization of energy resources. 

For Accelleron, Key Energy represents a valuable opportunity to present Turbo Uptime Care and Turbo Lifecycle Care, as well as to connect with key clients in the power market.

Visit us at Pav. B5 booth 37 

Key Energy Rimini 2024

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Helping HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) to deliver smarter digital insights solutions

  • Technical
  • Feb 21, 2023

HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) has partnered with Accelleron to provide digital insights solutions for the company’s Smartship platform.

An image showing engineers looking at turbocharger insights

Servicing without surprises: Accelleron’s Turbo LifecycleCare service welcomes 100th agreement

Accelleron’s 100th agreement has been signed for the company’s Turbo LifecycleCare service. Discover how Turbo LifecycleCare supports more than 2,000 turbochargers and delivers predictable servicing and maintenance.

An image of an engine and turbocharger to reflect the company’s servicing agreement

How diesel-electric mining trucks work and why they are turbocharged

  • Technical
  • Jan 31, 2024

Mining (or haul) trucks are huge, heavy and thirsty machines, but despite the increasing popularity of electric technology, diesel-electric drivetrains remain a mainstay in mining and construction industries.

An image of a mining truck in a quarry

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