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Turbocharging was invented more than a century ago with the sole purpose of improving efficiency, and thus reducing environmental impact with less fuel, less emission. This is the DNA of our business. Moving further, we are committed to delivering solutions that help accelerate industry transformation towards a decarbonized world.

Daniel Bischofberger, CEO of Accelleron

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GMRC Gas Machinery Conference

  • Oct 1 - 5, 2023
  • Phoenix, Arizona, USA

From the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC), this yearly event provides a forum for educational sessions and presentations on recent GMRC research as well as brings an industry together to share ideas. Attendees include design engineers, facility engineers, technicians and others, with an emphasis on the operation, maintenance and testing of gas compression machinery.

Stop by booth #711 at this year’s show to discuss how a turbo upgrade from Accelleron will help you clean up your stack emissions, without the added cost of resizing your piping or exhaust systems.


charge! magazine

How Turbo Insights is using compressor maps to make your equipment more efficient

  • Technical
  • Aug 29, 2023

It’s critical that your turbocharger matches your engine and requirements perfectly if you want the best results, and that’s why Accelleron provides access to compressor maps to help customers get ahead.

The connection between digitalization and sustainability

  • Insights
  • Aug 22, 2023

Cristian Corotto, President of our Digital Division, highlights how Accelleron’s digital solutions can lead to significant fuel and GHG emissions savings.

Accelleron’s next-generation turbochargers make servicing easier than ever

  • Marine
  • Aug 15, 2023

Accelleron’s next-generation turbochargers increase service flexibility and reduce unplanned downtime through service-friendly cartridge exchange technology.

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