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Turbocharging was invented more than a century ago with the sole purpose of improving efficiency, and thus reducing environmental impact with less fuel, less emission. This is the DNA of our business. Moving further, we are committed to delivering solutions that help accelerate industry transformation towards a decarbonized world.

Daniel Bischofberger, CEO of Accelleron

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  • May 21-23, 2024
  • Vigo, Spain

Navalia is the most important naval sector fair in Spain and over the years, it has managed to position itself among the most important in Europe. It takes place in the port city of Vigo, is the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. Our local experts are happy and ready to meet you and answer all your questions regarding our range of turbochargers for the marine industry. 

Visit us at booth # A55-56

Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference

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Dirk Bergmann: Big ships need big ideas to cut out carbon

Adapted from an interview with Dirk Bergmann, Chief Technology Officer at Accelleron, in

A thumbnail image showing a ship to highlight decarbonization

Why Accelleron is integrating digital solutions within existing platforms

Charge! sat down with Accelleron’s President of Digital, Cristian Corotto and Shailesh Shirsekar, Head of Digital Sales, to discuss all things digital at Accelleron. Along with looking at the digital future of shipping, we also discovered how Accelleron’s digital solutions can integrate within its customers’ existing platforms.

an image of a container ship to highlight implementation of e-fuels in shipping

How turbochargers keep the internet flowing

Data centers put considerable effort into ensuring their power supply remains constant even if power from the national grid becomes unavailable. That includes uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs) powered by batteries, along with backup generators boosted by turbochargers.

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