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Turbochargers contribute greatly to engine efficiency. Technology will be key to enabling fleets to operate more sustainably.

We understand your sustainability needs

Like every operator in the shipping industry, you are probably on a sustainability journey. There are many pressures, from new global legislation to customer expectations and the need to operate as cost-efficiently as possible in a highly competitive environment. 

Fuel savings

We can help you reduce emissions and meet your sustainability goals

Turbochargers contribute greatly to engine efficiency, and we are developing our technology at speed to be ever more fuel efficient and environmentally responsible. 

Our turbocharger technology is purpose-designed for high efficiency, saving fuel and reducing emissions. What’s more, through real-time monitoring and expert services, we can keep your turbochargers at peak efficiency throughout their lifecycle. 

See how we can help you reduce emissions and operate responsibly through: 

Turbocharger technology designed for high power density and industry-leading low NOx, precisely matched to your operational needs


Lifecycle servicing with unrivalled Accelleron expertise to cost-effectively maintain turbocharger and engine performance


Digital solutions to monitor your turbochargers and keep them at peak efficiency, to maximize your potential to save fuel and reduce emissions


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