Let’s talk about fuel savings

Making your turbochargers more efficient is one of the most direct ways to quickly reduce fuel consumption.

Efficiency is key

It can represent as much as half of total operating costs, or even more, depending on what sort of vessels and fleet you operate. That means even marginal gains in fuel efficiency can make big positive impacts on your profitability. 

Unpredictable global bunker fuel prices just add to the challenge. Emerging legislation around the world brings even more complexity, forcing operators to consider using more costly lower sulphur fuels.  

With so much change, it's more important than ever to keep up to date with new legislation, so your fleet doesn’t fall behind.  

Fuel savings

We can help you use less fuel

We know through long experience that the quality and efficiency of your turbocharger your power installation uses has a very significant impact on overall fuel efficiency and consequently on emissions.  

That’s why our industry-leading solutions include:  

Turbocharger technology capable of generating high performance even from low unit weight


Systems operating at pressures as high as 12 bar at efficiencies as high as 75%.


The industry’s most flexible mapping technology, allowing your system to be precisely optimised for and adapted to the way you operate


Digital solutions to monitor and constantly optimize turbocharger efficiency


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