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Facts on Accelleron Shares and Shareholders

Accelleron Industries Shares

Accelleron Industries AG shares are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, Zurich.

Security Number116936091
ISIN NumberCH1169360919
Nominal ValueCHF 0.01
Number of shares94,500,000


All shares are registered shares. Each share represents one vote at the General Meeting. Nominees, i.e. shareholders who acquire shares in their own name but on the account of third parties, are registered as shareholders with voting rights in the share register up to a maximum of 3 % of the Company's share capital. For any shares in excess of this registration threshold, Nominees shall be registered as shareholders with voting rights in the share register, if they meet certain additional conditions as per Article 8 of the Company's articles of association.


Significant shareholdings reported to the Disclosure Office of SIX Swiss Exchange can be found on the website of SIX Swiss Exchange.

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