Stay ahead of your competitors

Reduce your CO2 emissions while reducing fuel and maintenance costs with an upgrade.

Here’s what an upgrade can do

It’s a tough maritime world. Staying ahead means protecting your profitability and gaining competitive advantage everywhere you can. A tailored upgrade can transform the performance of your turbochargers and your engines - in as little as 12 hours. 

Secure yourself a competitive advantage

An upgrade is a powerful way to control your operating costs and stay competitive 


Profit from new technology

The latest turbocharger designs and materials, tailored to the way you operate, can directly impact your bottom line 


Cut fuel costs

A turbocharger upgrade translates into higher engine efficiency and fuel savings 


Less turbocharger maintenance

Reduce your maintenance costs over the lifecycle, while ensuring highest reliability 


Reduced CO2 emissions

Upgrades play a key role in helping you on your journey towards more sustainable operations 


Reduced thermal load

Reduce the thermal wear and tear of your engine and turbocharger  


Keep up with regulations (IMO CII; EEXI)

Stay ahead of the latest carbon emission legislation with an Accelleron upgrade 


Upgrades solutions

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