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Helping our customers operate more sustainably

Given the global need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are helping our customers to decarbonize. 

  • Our turbochargers create significant efficiencies: they increase power output and engine performance by up to 300%, while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by as much as 20%, compared to an engine without any turbocharger
  • Our turbochargers also help enable the circular economy as more than 98% of their parts are recyclable

Marine customers

We are developing turbochargers adapted to also lower-carbon fuels. These alternative fuels are expected to offer a lower carbon footprint but are likely to be more expensive. This is where Accelleron’s expertise in raising energy efficiency is of advantage. Some of our product range is already compatible with alternative fuels.

This is why we will continue to be vital to industries that can’t do without combustion engines - including long-haul shipping. In the long-haul shipping, battery powered propulsion simply isn’t an option, given the distances involved. As the sector is subject to the International Maritime Organization’s ambitious carbon reduction targets, turbocharged zero or lower carbon fuel powered engines are expected to gain importance in the near future.

At the same time, we continue to enhance the efficiency of our turbochargers for fossil-based fuels. Additional information on progress in this area may be found here:

Electricity and power generation customers

With growing reliance on renewable energy, the role of turbocharged engine-based backup generators to offset the resulting fluctuation in electricity supply is also expected to grow.

Turbo SmartCare

Our services enabling sustainability

Turbochargers require regular maintenance to deliver peak performance through their entire life cycle. Smart technologies and connected services allow Accelleron to optimize turbocharger maintenance, performance and the customer experience on an individual basis for customers who choose to take advantage of them. We also provide upgrades and remanufacturing services, which can cut CO2 emissions while providing customers with an alternative to replacing their existing turbochargers. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are always developing new ways for our solutions to help us meet our sustainability targets as well as our business targets.

Suppliers as integral part of our sustainability approach

To achieve our sustainability targets, we work closely with our suppliers. This cooperation aims to enhance not only the business and climate resilience of our suppliers, but also their performance on a range of sustainability topics, including human rights. To this end, we have established two supplier-related sustainability targets. To achieve progress toward these targets, our supply chain team supports our suppliers by providing awareness training sessions as well as by monitoring and evaluating their performance. Our supplier audit program is focused on environmental and societal topics based on the SA 8000 norm, ISO 14001 and the IPCC’s latest criteria. More information may be found here.

Voices on sustainability

HD Hyundai Marine Solution selects Accelleron to deliver digital optimization solutions for their Smartship platform

Accelleron has signed an agreement with HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) that simplifies access to its digital turbocharger optimization solutions for vessels built or serviced by the world’s biggest shipbuilder, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering.

How H.E.A.T. brings turbos to tackle toxic water challenge

Turbochargers are instrumental to helping US tech company H.E.A.T to create novel and sustainable solutions for waste and water treatment. Here’s how.
Voices on sustainability

Supplying to Accelleron

At Accelleron we have the mission to deliver the best in class Supply Chain services.

E-fuels in the shipping industry

A survey of decision-makers at companies in the maritime industry

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