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Tekomar XPERT gives you the power to optimize your operation.

Tekomar Xpert Power Plants

Tekomar XPERT for power plants

Monitor and manage engines across all your power plants. See potential problems early to minimize downtime. Empower local teams to optimize their operations. With Tekomar XPERT for power plants, you can.

Optimize your operations

You need a simple way to manage performance across your power plants. Here it is. Tekomar XPERT delivers clear, instant advisory data to your teams on the ground, so they can optimize operations, cut fuel and emissions, pre-empt problems and minimize downtime. 


Manage maintenance

Through easy-to-use desktop and web apps, Tekomar XPERT gives you one clear view of plant operations. Solutions for engine optimization are immediate and clear. Potential failure and servicing advisories can transform availability and reduce maintenance costs year after year


Accurate, instant adivce

Optimizing the performance of your generators has never been simpler or smarter. Tekomar XPERT gives you targeted solutions to maximize engine up-time in the most cost-effective way.  Automated data reporting against benchmarks powers your maintenance decision-making. You can automate the collection of operational data too.


Big wins from Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT’s precise advisories and easy benchmarking means you can  detect failures faster, protect engine availability, minimize costs and maximizing efficiency.

  • Powerful desktop application with automated data import and reporting options
  • Intuitive web app so you can access diagnostics while you work
  • Empowers you to optimize maintenance activities based on performance
  • Standardizes your engine performance analysis
  • Gives you engine advisory data independent of brand and engine type
  • Make real, significant fuel savings
Tekomar Xpert Power Plants

Tekomar XPERT features

Tekomar XPERT Desktop

  • Data input for your maintenance teams 
  • Import data easily from third party devices and monitoring systems
  • Get real evaluations of engine performance against FAT reference values (baseline performance)
  • See instant qualifications of your fuel saving potential
  • Consistently receive advice on specific performance improvements

Tekomar XPERT Web App

  • The power of a simple, accessible view of data on any device, through a web browser
  • See historic trends across all KPIs
  • Compare equipment across the plant, share data with office through cloud solution
  • Benchmark performance data across your operations company-wide  

Continuous evaluation

Continuous evaluation allows for the cloud-to-cloud transfer of engine data from edge computing platforms to Tekomar XPERT.

Tekomar XPERT for power plants empowers you with the crucial information you need to operate your plants at the highest availability, cost-effectively - and with real confidence in your environmental compliance.

Case studies

Going further for Ahrenkiel Steamship with Tekomar XPERT

We enabled Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG to optimize the combined benefits of Tekomar XPERT and DNV’s award-winning performance management portal, ECO Insight, to achieve maximum efficiencies through actionable analytics.
Ahrenkiel Steamship

Going further for EDF PEI

We helped EDF PEI to be the first power generator to trial Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar for power plants). The year-long trial covered a total of 43 engines with a combined output of 750 MW.
case study

Going further for REEDEREI NSB with Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT enables both the crew on board and shore staff to quickly and easily evaluate engine performance and quantify potential fuel oil savings, based on deviation from reference data.
case study

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