Going further for Ahrenkiel Steamship with Tekomar XPERT

Ahrenkiel Steamship

The customer

Ahrenkiel Steamship is a shipping group based in Hamburg operating their own fleet, focused on container vessels and bulk carriers.

The task

To improve the fleet performance monitoring for its 35 vessels, Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG equipped the bulk of its fleet with Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar XPERT marine) engine analytics and optimization software designed to immediately detect and correct performance deviations to achieve continuous efficiency and fuel savings.

How we went further

We enabled Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG to optimize the combined benefits of Tekomar XPERT and DNV’s award-winning performance management portal, ECO Insight, to achieve maximum efficiencies through actionable analytics.

Key engine performance indicators are exchanged between Tekomar XPERT and ECO Insight, allowing fleet managers to see engine KPIs in ECO Insight and drill down into detailed engine performance analytics in Tekomar XPERT marine.

Key results

Maximize efficiency

Performance insight

Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT: taking the hard work out of engine performance analysis

Onboard analysis

Allows onboard analysis of engine performance across the fleet, providing instant diagnostics and optimization recommendations.


Rapid corrective action

Identifies root causes of engine performance deviations automatically during normal operation, minimizing delay and facilitating rapid corrective action.


Simplifies performance management

Analyzes engine data from all vessels and compiles submissions for the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulation, as well as the IMO’s Data Collection System for carbon emissions.



Runs on any engine, regardless of type or age and is built with the highest standards of cyber security.


Case studies

Going further for CCPO with Tekomar XPERT

CCPO were an early adopter of our smart engine performance diagnostics software, Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar XPERT marine) and went on to adopt the even more advanced version in 2019.
case study

Going further for GESCO

GESCO achieved savings worth $45,000 with Tekomar XPERT, meaning that the system effectively paid for itself in only 20 days. As a result of this success 46 more tankers and bulk carriers were installed with the engine performance software.
case study

Going further for Shanghai Ming Wah Shipping Co.

By optimizing engine performance with Tekomar XPERT, the company was able to make valuable savings in fuel consumption and slash fleetwide CO2 emissions by 5,800 tons a year.
case study

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