Going further for GESCO

$45,000 saved in fuel per day and per vessel


More effective engine analysis

“One of the main benefits of Tekomar XPERT is cutting the cost and time needed to identify the cause of engine problems.”

Anjan Kumar Sahu, Head of Technical, GESCO

The customer

India’s largest private ship owners, The Great Eastern Shipping Company (GESCO), owns and operates bulk carriers, tankers and offshore supply vessels.

The task

GESCO had been measuring its fleet engine performance manually each month, which was both time-consuming and costly. With a growing fleet, GESCO needed a more effective digital solution to analyze engine data and identify specific problems so they could be resolved quickly. 

How we went further

We initially installed our intelligent engine performance diagnostics and advisory system Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar XPERT marine) on two GESCO vessels, with the objective of rolling out Tekomar XPERT fleetwide if it successfully optimized engine performance. The Accelleron team also provided round-the-clock support to ensure recommendations were prioritized and executed. 


GESCO achieved savings worth $45,000 with Tekomar XPERT, meaning that the system effectively paid for itself in only 20 days. As a result of this success 46 more tankers and bulk carriers were installed with the engine performance software. 

Key results

  • $45,000 saved in fuel per day and per vessel
  • 46 more tankers and bulk carriers installed with engine performance software
  • 20 days for Tekomar XPERT to pay for itself
Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT: taking the hard work out of engine performance analysis

Onboard analysis

Allows onboard analysis of engine performance across the fleet, providing instant diagnostics and optimization recommendations.


Rapid corrective action

Identifies root causes of engine performance deviations automatically during normal operation, minimizing delay and facilitating rapid corrective action.


Simplifies performance management

Analyzes engine data from all vessels and compiles submissions for the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulation, as well as the IMO’s Data Collection System for carbon emissions.



Runs on any engine, regardless of type or age and is built with the highest standards of cyber security.


Case studies

Going further for Teekay Marine with Tekomar XPERT

Optimized engine performance. Tekomar XPERT installed fleetwide following completion of a thorough evaluation and a successful pilot test
case study

Going further with super-efficient coated nozzle rings

Our coated nozzle rings are delivering major cost savings across marine and stationary applications. Based on a typical 50 hours of cleaning downtime saved every year, a dredger with a 10,000 kW engine capacity can create $175,000 in additional revenue.
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Going further for Odfjell management as with engine upgrades

Our engine upgrades have helped Odfjell reduce CO₂ emissions by 3%, while NOx is down by 20%. And this is just the beginning. The success of the upgrades has encouraged Odfjell to continue partnering with us to upgrade its remaining seven ships.
case study

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