Let’s talk about reducing lifecycle costs

Reduced costs throughout the lifecycle of your turbochargers can boost your profitability for decades

The importance of TCO

In a world as competitive as the maritime industry, it can be easy to focus on short term savings. But it’s total lifecycle costs that really matter. 

That’s why the whole lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of valuable assets like engines and turbochargers is so important. 

Everything you can do reduce your costs of operation reduces lifecycle costs – and that’s vital for your long-term profits and competitiveness. 

running cost predictability

We can help you reduce lifecycle costs

In all kinds of way, we can help you reduce the total lifecycle costs of your turbochargers. 

Our turbocharger technology is designed for low maintenance and low fuel consumption. Our service agreements can help you reduce TCO even more, optimizing maintenance and controlling the costs of planned servicing - while keeping your turbochargers working at their best, right through their lifetime.  

Here's how you can make a lasting impact on lifecycle costs: 

Technology with proven reliability: 180,000+ Accelleron turbochargers in operation worldwide


Lifecycle servicing with unrivalled expertise and original equipment parts with the best availability


Service agreements to help you save on parts and labour and keep costs predictable and under control


Digital solutions to monitor your turbochargers and keep them at peak efficiency, to maximize your potential fuel savings


Turbocharger and engine upgrades for lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and improved performance


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