With an apprenticeship at libs and Accelleron, you can successfully start your career as a polymechanic, design engineer, production mechanic, logistician, clerk, or mediamatician. With the leading trainer of the Swiss machine, electrical and metal industry, we give you a great introduction to this fascinating world of new technologies and digitization.

A trusted partnership

We are proud to work with our partner libs to provide quality training. We would like to pass on our passion for our profession to you. Because we are convinced that a job not only serves to earn money, but also significantly influences your attitude towards life and opens up a wide range of opportunities for your personal development. That is why we provide you with comprehensive support during your vocational training and are at your side. 

Why an apprenticeship at libs/Accelleron?

The world is in a state of upheaval, shaped by digitization and new technologies that open up a multitude of new possibilities. At the same time, global challenges ensure that technology enthusiasts, team players and doers are in demand like never before. As a leading trainer in the machine, electrical and metal industries in Switzerland, libs, together with Accelleron, offers you the best possible introduction to this fascinating world.

On the way to becoming a professional

Our common goal is to train you to become a competent professional who can cope with the future requirements of the job market in the long term. It's not just about technical knowledge, but also about social and methodical skills. With us you will acquire a broad basic knowledge and during your training you will gain insights into various technical areas in order to promote your development holistically. 

Training structure

Your training will be designed in close cooperation between us and libs. libs takes care of the basic and supplementary training, while you complete a focus training at Accelleron in the third and/or fourth year of your apprenticeship (in some apprenticeships already from the first year of your apprenticeship).

Hands-on learning

An important part of your training takes place in a real business environment by working on customer orders. This will give you practical experience and you will learn how to work in a customer-oriented manner and create effective added value for your customers. From the preparation of the offer to the implementation and invoicing, you will learn to work independently and self-organized on cross-departmental tasks.

Supervision and support

We attach great importance to support and support during your training. Our and libs' training managers are your contact persons and monitor the progress of your training. As coaches and learning companions, they support you in your personal and professional development. In special supervisor seminars, libs also deals with youth psychological topics and questions that are important for your training.

Students & graduates

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Discover your path to success with Accelleron! Are you a student ready to turn your thesis into reality, or an aspiring professional seeking hands-on experience? We believe in empowering our people to take ownership of their development. And allowing them to master their craft through training. Join us.

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