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Optimize your turbochargers to reduce fuel consumption

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Whether you are using modern high-speed engines or smaller medium-speed diesel and gas engines, fuel is probably your biggest operating cost. 

It can be a challenge to find even the most marginal gains. But better efficiency can add up to huge annual savings – and that’s a direct route to better profitability. 

Fuel savings

We can help you use less fuel

The efficiency of your turbochargers makes a big difference to how much fuel your engines use.  The more efficient they are, the greater the potential to save. Fuel saving also brings the added benefit of lower emissions and reduced environmental impact.  

Our industry-leading solutions include:   

Turbocharger technology purpose-designed for fuel efficiency, low running costs and best TCO


Systems operating at pressures as high as 12 bar at efficiencies as high as 75%.


The industry’s most flexible mapping technology, so your system can be optimised for the way you operate


Digital solutions to monitor and constantly optimize turbocharger efficiency


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