Decarbonizing our business

We are exploring the best way to decarbonize our business given the context we are in.

Accelleron is committed to act against climate change and similarly committed to using natural resources such as water and other raw materials more efficiently.

Following paths help us meeting our commitments to more sustainability in our own operations:

Reducing our scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by:

Electrifying our vehicle fleets where possible

Using low-carbon electricity wherever possible with the support of credible certification schemes (GO, I RECs, US RECs)

Installing solar panels wherever practicable and permissible

Reducing our scope 3 emissions by:

 Increasing the share of recycled material used in production

 Reducing the use of air transport in our upstream and downstream value chains

In 2023, we made a commitment to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and will submit our targets for approval by the SBTi in the course of 2024.


After a pilot project in 2023 with ten sites, we expand in 2024 the energy assessment to all our sites where we have operations. Targets for our own energy usage will be set in 2024, and funds will be budgeted for energy-efficiency enhancements to our sites in 2025.


98% of Accelleron’s turbochargers are composed of recyclable materials, mainly steel and other metals. We are focused on increasing the share of non-hazardous recycled materials to strengthen our efficient use of resources. 


50% of Accelleron’s sites are in water-scarce areas. At these sites, we consider it essential to use water more efficiently. As our operations require water to clean and complete turbocharger service work, we are working toward using more closed-loop systems and, where possible, alternative solutions. In 2024, all our sites will assess their water usage and create action plans for the implementation of efficiency measures as needed.

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