Accelleron as a socially responsible employer

Our employees are shaping the future of Accelleron. That is why we are striving to provide our employees with the best possible working conditions for an attractive, safe, healthy and flexible working environment.

Accelleron places safety above all else. Our employees receive extensive training and take part in robust safety programs globally.

Accelleron considers employee’s health from a broad perspective including physical, mental and social aspects. Understanding that employees face various life challenges, we provide resources to help them navigate those situations. To foster employee worklife balance, Workplace Options, a leading provider of employee well-being solutions, offers a global employee assistance program on behalf of Accelleron.

Accelleron has local remote work policies which are applied to all employees in positions where remote work is possible, and these policies are implemented as the local regulations allow. We promote flexible working hours where possible, and for shift work we use banking of hours or other flexible solutions depending on legislation. We also offer our employees an opportunity to work shortened working hours to support child and dependent care according to local regulations. Additionally, we have a gender-neutral parental leave program to secure minimum standard leaves for primary and secondary caregiver globally.

Accelleron is committed to equal opportunity for career development and trainings. We have a broad learning offering available for all employees online and our employees can benefit from an annual individual development plan, providing a systematic and efficient development approach. 

Accelleron also has an open job market; all open positions are internally available for anyone to apply and we carefully consider internal applicants.

With regards to equal pay, Accelleron monitors salary developments and conducted an equal pay analysis in 2023.

Our international employee base comprises 80 nationalities in 50 countries. As a global business with employees in many different countries, we acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion for the well-being of our employees and for our workplace culture, and are currently developing our diversity and inclusion strategy as a framework for future actions. 

We aim to increase the number of women in senior management position up to 25% by end of 2025.

Our corporate Code of Conduct (CoC) is the cornerstone of our commitment to upholding integrity in all areas. It applies globally to all employees, managers, officers, directors, and employees of joint ventures or entities in which we have a majority ownership interest or exercise effective control.

We strongly condemn all discrimination based on age, disability, ethnicity, family status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social origin or other personal characteristics. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment and abusive behavior, and we train our employees on recognizing and reporting them. Our employees are encouraged and trained to report any issues or concerns by using our ethical reporting channels. These channels also include channels ensuring anonymity of reporters. We investigate all reports according to our procedures and decide on appropriate disciplinary and remedial measures in a structured process. 

Training on Accelleron’s CoC is mandatory to all employees of the company. 

Accelleron is committed to living principles of collective bargaining. Circa 57% of our employees are covered by local collective bargaining agreements, and we transparently communicate this to our employees. We welcome and encourage local employee activity and support employee representative elections in respective countries. Accelleron engages into regular and active collaboration with local trade unions or employee representations in those countries. 

Giving back to communities

We operate in more than 50 countries, and most of our staffing is drawn from our local communities. Given our presence and impact on these communities, we have set a target to run more than 100 community-level project per year by 2027. In 2023, our target was to run 15 such projects, and we ultimately ran more than 20. In 2024, our target is to run 30 community-level projects. We will continue to increase this number until we reach our 2027 target.

Some examples of the projects we ran in 2023 may be found here: 

People first

People strategy

Diversity and inclusion

Focus Interview with Annika Parkkonen, Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer

Focus Interview with Annika Parkkonen, Chief Human Resources & Sustainability Officer


Accelleron helps Mercy Ships reduce floating hospital service costs

Accelleron has supported a turbocharger overhaul on the hospital ship MV Africa Mercy, operated by non-governmental organization Mercy Ships.
Accelleron helps Mercy Ships reduce floating hospital service costs

E-fuels in the shipping industry

A survey of decision-makers at companies in the maritime industry

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