Increased savings and flexibility

FiTS2 gives you an extra edge if you’re operating a large marine application with a two-stroke engine. Delivering maximum fuel savings at part and low load. Plus the flexibility to go to full output without the need for installation work. 

What is FiTS2?

FiTS2 stands for Flexible integrated Turbocharging System for 2-Stroke Engines.  We’ve developed this innovative system with WinGD, a leading two-stroke engine manufacturer. 

How it works

FiTS2 uses a smart combination of unequally specified turbochargers and wide compressor maps. Two or more turbochargers operate in sequence for optimum air delivery at each engine load. 


Why Fits2

Major fuel savings

You can look forward to fuel savings of up to 8 grams per kWh (3-5%), compared to conventional turbochargers. 

Over 10 years, that could add up to: 

$500,000 for a large crude carrier

$1 million+ for a container vessel


Unmatched flexibility

With FiTS2, you can adapt engine performance safely with zero downtime and continue to operate the engine at full load without compromising performance.


The benefits

Direct fuel savings 

  • Major fuel reduction in low load, up to 6-10g/kWh

Indirect and additional fuel savings

  • Aux blower switch on/off point approx. at 10% lower engine load

Full flexibility and lower OPEX

  • Optimized fuel efficiency over the whole load range
  • Fast shiftability under load: Engine output can reach full load without touching the installation
  • Reduced service expenses as smaller turbocharger not often in use
  • Complies with NOx Tier II requirements
  • Pay-back time well under three years

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