For over a century, Accelleron has been an innovative leader in turbocharging. In 1924, the first commercial heavy-duty turbocharger was manufactured in Baden, Switzerland, to improve the efficiency of our customers engines. Our commitment to innovation has ensured that our technology remains just as relevant a century later. Today, we are proud to be a global leader in turbocharging and fuel injection technologies, digital solutions and services to industries that form the backbone of modern life, driving their journey towards decarbonization with the support of our technology, expertise and smart solutions. In 2024, we take a journey through time, embracing the present and envisioning the next 100 years: together, we are transforming the future with a heritage of innovation.

Select a milestone from a century of innovation

Delivery of the world’s first industrially manufactured turbocharger by Brown Boveri & Co, Switzerland

Autonomous turbocharger department and factory established in Baden, Switzerland

First licence agreement with Ishikawajima Heavy Industries (IHI), Japan

Licence agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), Korea

ABB Turbo Systems Ltd is founded in Baden, Switzerland

TPL/TPS generation of turbochargers introduced to the market

Turbo Systems United Co. Ltd. formed in Japan as a joint venture with IHI

Development of the TPL-C and TPS-F turbochargers for medium speed engines that meet low emission demands. TPL91-B is the world’s most powerful turbocharger

ABB Jiangjin Turbo System Co. formed in China as a joint venture with JTP

A100 launched leading to emissions reduction

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100th turbocharger service station is opened

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Two new factories in Switzerland and China

Launch of the Power2, two-stage turbocharging system

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A200-L generation of turbochargers introduced to the market

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Product launch of the Power2 800-M, 2nd generation of two-stage turbocharging

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Upgrades launched, a major success in first year

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Product launch TPR56 with VTG (TPR platform – Accelleron’s tailor made product for rail traction applications)

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Power2 800-M appears on a Wartsila engine that earns a Guiness Book of Records entry as world’s most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine

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MXP launched. Dedicated to marine auxiliary applications

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TPX launched. Dedicated to high-speed diesel applications

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Acquisition of Tekomar Group. Tekomar XPERT digital solutions for Marine are the first to be released

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A200-H launched offering the highest single-stage pressure ratio of 6.5

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Turbo MarineCare launched. Data-enabled agreement for low-speed marine market

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Tekomar XPERT for powerplants launched

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Accelleron brand is launched

Accelleron established a partnership with Swiss technology company, Sauber Motorsport

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Turbo SmartCare launched. Data-enabled agreement for medium-speed marine market

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ACCX300-L next generation low-speed turbocharger is launched

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Accelleron acquires OMT - Officine Meccaniche Torino SpA (fuel injection systems), based in Torino, Italy

100 years of turbocharging is a milestone that leads us into a future of innovation

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How turbochargers keep the internet flowing

Data centers put considerable effort into ensuring their power supply remains constant even if power from the national grid becomes unavailable. That includes uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs) powered by batteries, along with backup generators boosted by turbochargers.

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