Applying F1® insight to move further. Faster.

The world’s most prestigious motor racing series, Formula 1 is a high-speed innovation laboratory. In 2022, Accelleron established a long-term partnership with Swiss technology company, Sauber Motorsport, and the Stake F1 Team KICK Sauber it operates.

You’ll see the Accelleron logo on the team’s cars and drivers, but our partnership goes way beyond branding. At its heart lies a drive towards accelerated innovation. In the fast-moving worlds of F1 and turbocharging, ideas must be developed, prototyped, tested and implemented fast. But reliability is essential, especially when operating at the technical limit.

A series of shared projects continue to give Accelleron and Sauber valuable insight into each other’s processes and methodologies. We both have a sharp focus on the transition to high-efficiency, low-carbon technologies and advancing the adoption of future fuels. We are also enhancing the role of digital solutions to develop, manage and optimize performance.

Latest F1 Grand Prix imagery - Austria  Jun 30, 2024

Spain   Jun 23, 2024

Canada  Jun 9, 2024

Monaco   May 26, 2024

Imola   May 19, 2024

Miami   May 5, 2024

China   Apr 21, 2024

Japan   Apr 7, 2024

Australia   Mar 24, 2024

Saudi Arabia   Mar 9, 2024

Bahrain   Mar 2, 2024


In the first year of our partnership, our teams collaborated and shared valuable expertise on topics including additive manufacturing, component testing and fluid dynamics. This work continues in 2023, along with additional projects exploring digitalization, teamworking, reliability and sustainability.

“In 2023 we continue to explore F1-inspired, sustainability-focused technology and innovation, and apply our learnings to the day-to-day challenges we see in turbocharging. Our goal at Accelleron is to enable our customers at sea and on land to succeed and move further. Our F1 insights enable us all to move further. Faster.”

Oliver Riemenschneider
Chairman, Accelleron

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