Get closer. Move further.

Our technological partnership with the Sauber Group is a new collaboration to bring F1-inspired engineering to the world of turbocharging.

The Sauber Group consists of Sauber Technologies and Sauber Motorsport, manager of the Formula 1 team Alfa Romeo F1 Team© ORLEN. The world’s most prestigious motor racing series, Formula One is considered a high-speed innovation laboratory, attracting an estimated 1 billion global fans. Our company logo features on the team’s cars and driver uniforms. But our partnership goes far beyond sponsorship.

A series of shared projects will offer teams from Accelleron and Sauber the chance to gain valuable insight into each other’s processes and methodologies. Engineers and developers will collaborate on topics including additive manufacturing, component testing and fluid dynamics. 

At the heart of the partnership lies the shared territory of accelerated innovation. In the high-paced worlds of Formula One and turbocharging, ideas must be developed, prototyped, tested and implemented in as little time as possible. Reliability is essential, even when operating at the technical limit. 


The pursuit of greater efficiency throughout product development, production and performance is a growing innovation driver in motorsports as much as turbocharging. Accelleron and Sauber are focused on the transition to high-efficiency, low-carbon solutions and advancing the adoption of future fuels. We are also constantly enhancing the role of digital technologies in developing, managing and optimizing performance. 

Ultimately, the new partnership is focused on bringing people, systems, and ideas together to prove an age-old truth: that when great minds get closer, the whole world moves further.

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