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Boost long-term profitability with lower lifecycle costs

The importance of TCO

Whether you generate power for a grid or a business, your turbochargers are valuable assets with long lifespans. That’s why controlling their lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) matters so much for the profitability of your operations. 

Your challenge is to keep expenses down without compromising safety and sustainability. But through a lean and controlled approach to operating and maintenance costs, your turbocharger can contribute to the profitability of your business. 

Reduce lifecycle costs/tco

We can help you reduce lifecycle costs

Our advanced technology is designed for low maintenance and low fuel consumption. What’s more, our range of service agreements can help you reduce TCO even more, with the added bonus of financial predictability and greater peace of mind.  

Find out how we can help you reduce lifecycle costs through: 

Technology with proven reliability: 180,000+ Accelleron turbochargers in operation worldwide


Lifecycle servicing with unrivalled expertise and original equipment parts with the best availability


Service options to help you save on parts and labour and keep costs predictable


Digital solutions to monitor your turbochargers and keep them at peak efficiency, to maximize your potential to save fuel


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