Let’s talk about sustainability and lower emissions

Lower fuel use and emissions with our turbochargers

Leading the way on sustainability

Tasked with making a shift towards decarbonization as part of the net zero targets the world has set. 


But the world still needs power. So we’re helping the industry operate as efficiently as possible while transitioning towards new sustainable fuels and ways of operating. 


Operate more sustainably and reduce emissions

Turbochargers make a major contribution to engine efficiency. We are fast evolving our technology to be ever more fuel efficient and produce lower emissions. Plus, through real-time monitoring and expert services, we can keep your turbochargers at peak efficiency. 

We’ll help you reduce emissions and operate responsibly through:  

Turbocharger technology designed for high power density and low NOx, with modular features that allow for fuel efficiency fine tuning


Lifecycle servicing to cost-effectively maintain the environmental performance of your turbochargers


Digital solutions to monitor your turbochargers and keep them at peak efficiency, to maximize your potential to save fuel and reduce emissions


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