Turbocharging re-imagined

ACCX300-L Next generation turbocharger

The new generation ACCX300-L low-speed turbochargers are designed not only to be more compact with increased power density but also flexible.

This flexibility allows the requirements for today to be met whilst providing the ability to easily adapt to future needs.

Christoph Rofka, President of Accelleron’s Medium and Low Speed Product Division said:

“The ACCX300-L series re-imagines turbocharging for an era of multiple fuels and increasing cost pressures in shipping. A platform-based design means upgrades can be introduced more easily as technology advances and provides the enhanced serviceability that operators need in order to control operating costs. Ship operators need flexible technology to exceed existing performance and excel on their path to decarbonization. The ACCX300-L series delivers exactly that.”

Christoph Rofka
President of Accelleron’s Medium and Low Speed Product Division 



The ACCX300-L turbochargers can be used on containerships.



The ACCX300-L turbochargers can be used on tankers.


LNG carriers

The ACCX300-L turbochargers can be used on LNG carriers.

LNG carriers


The ACCX300-L turbochargers can be used on bulkers.



Flexibility in design

Combination of Increased power density, standardization and modular design resulting in:

  • Less frame sizes and variants

  • Fast adaptation to new requirements

  • Flexible on-engine arrangement


Flexibility in service

  • Flexible maintenance options such as cartridge exchange at port stay or drydock
  • Cartridge pooling
  • Exchange of parts when due. No loss of component lifetime
  • Disassembly of cartridge from compressor (cold) side
  • Reduced service events and delayed OPEX

Data-enabled services

  • Simple and instant visual of turbocharger and engine performance
  • 24/7 access to customer portal
  • Ready for other digital services

Enhanced turbocharger cut-out opportunities

  • When used in twin configuration with data-enabled services
  • Reduced SFOC
  • Delayed OPEX

24/7 support

Our engineers are available 24/7 to support you. Trusted by customers all over the world, we have over 100 service stations in more than 50 countries.

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