Accelleron re-imagines turbocharging with launch of next generation ACCX300-L low-speed series

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Jun 12, 2023

  • New service-friendly concept allows cartridge exchange in a single port call, separating overhaul from dry docking schedules 
  • Platform-based design enables two-stroke engine users to respond quickly and cost-effectively to evolving demands
  • Industry-leading power density and efficiency level complemented by enhanced turbocharger cut-out options support lowest engine fuel consumption

Accelleron has unveiled the next generation of turbochargers for two-stroke engines, the ACCX300-L series. The platform-based and easy-service concept complemented by Accelleron’s Turbo Insights digital technology sets a new benchmark for turbocharging that will offer ship operators the flexibility to respond to uncertainty around the fuels they will use and how they will operate their vessels in the future.

The benefits of the ACCX300-L series, which currently comprises the ACCX365-L and ACCX370-L models, stem from its platform-based compact design, making it easy to service and easy to adapt for different requirements that might evolve from an increasing variety of fuels. A new turbocharger design means that the entire rotor subassembly can be exchanged in a single port call, using a new or refurbished cartridge.

The improved serviceability of the ACCX300-L means that turbocharger overhaul is no longer tied to dry docking schedules. Instead of servicing turbochargers every five years, exchange at port means the full run time between overhauls can be used, resulting in just three scheduled services rather than four across a 25-year vessel lifespan. This reduces operating costs and provides operators with greater flexibility in their service regimes.

Digitally enabled technologies are also increasingly relevant for advanced service models enabling the use of cartridges across individual vessels and potentially even across different owners. The ACCX300-L series is fully enabled with Accelleron’s Turbo Insight, giving operators the ability to identify performance improvement opportunities and identify when service will be needed well in advance and helping Accelleron to judge exposure-based maintenance needs.

The platform-based concept is essential for delivering flexibility to adapt to future changing requirements. The series has been designed with margin for the even higher pressure ratios that new fuels could require. As a result, turbocharger core components for specific fuels can be incorporated more rapidly for newbuild projects as well as for upgrading the existing population. 

The power density improvements in combination with the unique cartridge concept leads to more flexibility for the ACCX300-L on engine arrangement. Concept studies have shown the feasibility of turbocharging an engine with a twin arrangement where two ACCX300-L type turbochargers are applied per intercooler instead of one large conventional type without fundamentally changing the engine design concept. By doing so the benefits of port call cartridge exchange can be extended to the largest engines and vessel types. In addition, the turbocharger cut-out options increase leading to tangible fuel savings. 

The first ACCX300-L turbochargers are expected to be delivered by the end of 2025, with the first orders being taken in the second half of 2024.


Christoph Rofka, President of Accelleron’s Medium and Low Speed Product Division said:

“The ACCX300-L series re-imagines turbocharging for an era of multiple fuels and increasing cost pressures in shipping. A platform-based design means upgrades can be introduced more easily as technology advances and provides the enhanced serviceability that operators need in order to control operating costs. Ship operators need flexible technology to exceed existing performance and excel on their path to decarbonization. The ACCX300-L series delivers exactly that.”

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