Turbo LifecycleCare (TLCC)

Service agreement for customers relying on turbocharged four-stroke engines in marine and power generation

How you benefit

Running Hours

Based on actual running hours – if you don’t run you don’t pay 


Cover Everything

Covers all your servicing for standard spare parts, wear and tear, and labour 


Eliminate Admin

Eliminates admin: all maintenance is planned and executed by us  


Covered unexpected costs

More than just scheduled maintenance – no extra costs for excessive wear and tear


Predictable budgeting

Predictable budgeting and cost-saving efficiency right through the servicing lifecycle 


For real peace of mind, let us take on the risk and responsibility for you

Infographics Turbo LifcycleCare

Whether you’re in the marine industry or you use your engines for power generation, you need your turbochargers to be efficient and reliable.

That’s what our Turbo LifeCycleCare service agreement delivers. We take full responsibility for everything – the servicing, costs and parts ordering. And we design the agreement around how you operate.

The agreement is based on your actual running hours, so you’ll never overpay if you use your engines less than expected. No more maintenance budget over-runs.

The whole servicing process operates on our best prices for genuine Accelleron spare parts, and our unmatched technical expertise. So you know you’re getting the best commercial terms for the highest service quality.

And if the unexpected happens, you’re covered. We take the risk, so you don’t have to. We even have a range of additional modules to give you greater peace of mind, guaranteed uptime, quick response times and upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turbo LifecycleCare means fixed-price servicing based on your running hours only.

Turbo LifecycleCare makes spare parts purchasing much simpler. We use our unique field experience to get the best prices for genuine parts.

Turbo LifecycleCare is highly customizable. Enhancements such as response time and uptime guarantees can be built in to your Turbo LifecycleCare package.

Turbo LifecycleCare is strongly focused on controlling and optimizing your maintenance spending (OPEX). It will also deliver greater engine uptime and boost your business competitiveness. With Turbo LifecycleCare you get a fully customizable OEM service package paid by the actual number of turbocharger running hours. 

Designed with and for our customers, Turbo LifecycleCare is a flexible, cost-effective approach to turbocharger servicing. It can be tailored to meet your exact needs everywhere, every time, with Original Parts and Original Service.

Press releases

ABB Turbocharging launches digital suite to help ships cut fuel consumption by up to 20 percent

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  • 22 Mar 2022

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT marine is a digital suite delivering powerful insights into vessel performance, as well as CO2 emissions monitoring and reporting

digital suite

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT to deliver engine performance optimization benefits to STX Engine customers

  • Press release
  • 24 Jan 2022

Reseller agreement between STX Engine and ABB, the Korean engine manufacturer will offer Tekomar XPERT digital solution as an option to its customers


ABB adds digital analytics feature to turbochargers, giving performance visibility to shipowners

  • Press release
  • 19 Jan 2022

Turbo Insights delivers turbocharger performance analysis for two-stroke engines from newbuilding stage onwards, starting at running hour zero


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