Turbo UptimeCare

Service agreement for customers relying on turbocharged high-speed engines for power generation

How you benefit

Peace of mind a replacement turbocharger is ready whenever you need it 

No need to invest in exchange units 

Cut your downtime to almost zero at service time

Guaranteed availability of turbochargers

You’re in control of costs – maximum predictability, no surprises

Infochart Turbo UptimeCare How it works

Never let a turbocharger overhaul interrupt your power generation

Whether you’re in power generation or relying on generators to power your business, you can’t afford to be without your engines. So don’t be.  

At turbocharger service time, or in an emergency, Accelleron’s Turbo UptimeCare service agreement prioritizes uninterrupted operations. We’ll swap out the old turbocharger to get your engine up and running again. So there’s no waiting around for parts – just complete confidence and continuous uptime. 


Downtime cut to zero

“One engine going down, of a typical size of 1-2 megawatts, would create a loss of revenue somewhere in the region of US$5,000-$6,000 per day.”

Syed Kebir, MD, SP Energy

Assured Availability

Get guaranteed access to a local pool of turbochargers, maintained by Accelleron. Order an exchange unit for planned maintenance or on an express basis in case of emergencies.


Clear scope of overhaul

We’ll define the scope of service to be carried out on the removed unit.


Option to upgrade

Receive an upgraded turbocharger as the exchange unit if there’s an opportunity to achieve a better performance.


On time service with UptimeCare

Find out how SP Energy assures on-time service with Turbo UptimeCare

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the unit can be delivered within 2 days.

A fixed-price overhaul will cover all maintenance costs (parts and labor) and the availability of the exchange unit (transportation depending on the agreement terms). Repairs due to breakdowns will be invoiced separately.

Turbo UptimeCare foresees the use of an exchange unit for each and every overhaul. It’s not possible to request a price discount case-by-case if an exchange unit isn’t necessary.

Our service recommendations, including the time between overhaul, must be followed when the service is performed as part of a Turbo UptimeCare agreement.

All exchange units used in a Turbo UptimeCare agreement belong to Accelleron. Customers can offer to sell their exchange units to us before signing an agreement.

Joint quarterly planning is needed to ensure readiness from both sides. Customers can confirm the exact date up to a few days beforehand.

We’re here to help.

If you are interested in our Turbo UptimeCare service agreement but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, please drop us a line.