Going further for CCPO with Tekomar XPERT


Minimize environmental footprint

“We are always looking to adopt the latest technological advances to minimize our environmental footprint; this is a key driver for us when procuring services and products. With Tekomar XPERT for fleet, through optimizing our engine health, we can minimize costs and the environmental footprint, and in return we can pass on these benefits to our customers.”

Christoph Gessner, Managing Director, CCPO

The customer

CCPO offers high quality service to its charter clients and professional ship management for 111 of own and third-party ships

How we went further

CCPO were an early adopter of our smart engine performance diagnostics software, Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar XPERT marine) and went on to adopt the even more advanced version in 2019. 

As well as providing a bird’s-eye view of CCPO’s engine performance across their entire fleet to create fuel and emissions savings, the latest version includes new functionality specifically developed to support management decisions. 


CCPO can now minimize costs and the environmental footprint, and in return they can pass on these benefits to their customers. 

Key results

Minimized costs

Minimized environmental footprint

Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT: taking the hard work out of engine performance analysis

Onboard analysis

Allows onboard analysis of engine performance across the fleet, providing instant diagnostics and optimization recommendations.


Rapid corrective action

Identifies root causes of engine performance deviations automatically during normal operation, minimizing delay and facilitating rapid corrective action.


Simplifies performance management

Analyzes engine data from all vessels and compiles submissions for the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulation, as well as the IMO’s Data Collection System for carbon emissions.



Runs on any engine, regardless of type or age and is built with the highest standards of cyber security.


Case studies

Going further for Ahrenkiel Steamship with Tekomar XPERT

We enabled Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG to optimize the combined benefits of Tekomar XPERT and DNV’s award-winning performance management portal, ECO Insight, to achieve maximum efficiencies through actionable analytics.
Ahrenkiel Steamship

Going further for CMA CGM with Tekomar XPERT

With the introduction of Tekomar XPERT, CMA CGM saves hundreds of tons of fuel and inevitably reduces emission, while the software also enables engineers to achieve more fuel-efficient operations.
case study

Going further for REEDEREI NSB with Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT enables both the crew on board and shore staff to quickly and easily evaluate engine performance and quantify potential fuel oil savings, based on deviation from reference data.
case study

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