Going further for Shanghai Ming Wah Shipping Co.

shanghai ming wah shipping co

Optimize operations

“The Tekomar XPERT digital solution helped our fleet optimize operations while creating a better experience for our customers.”

Chen Qiuhua, General Manager, Shanghai Ming Wah Ship Management Center 

The customer

China’s second largest carrier Shanghai Ming Wah Shipping Co owns and controls a mixed fleet of nearly 50 vessels, including MPVs, heavy lift vessels, log ships, bulk carriers and a chemical tanker with a total carrying capacity of 2 million DWT. 

The task

Alert to changing market conditions, Shanghai Ming Wah Shipping Co wanted to embrace new technologies for greater fuel and management efficiency. In an increasingly digital world, the Shanghai-based carrier continues to seek technology solutions to stay competitive and improve sustainability. 

How we went further

We installed our state-of-the-art engine diagnostics software Tekomar XPERT (now called Tekomar XPERT marine) across 12 of Shanghai Ming Wah’s bulk carriers, allowing them to monitor and optimize engine performance. We also set up and ran a rapid response helpline, offering technical expertise to Shanghai Ming Wah’s customers.  


By optimizing engine performance with Tekomar XPERT, the company was able to make valuable savings in fuel consumption and slash fleetwide CO2 emissions by 5,800 tons a year. 

Key results

Lower fuel costs

tons a year reduction in CO2 emissions

tekomar onscreen

Tekomar XPERT. Minimizing risks, time and fuel.

Fuel savings

Brings significant consumption advantages to high-powered engines; achieved a fuel saving of 4.3g/kWh on a MAN B&W 6S42MC.



Detects high cylinder pressure.



Compatible with any engine, regardless of type or age, making it ideal for larger fleets with a variety of vessels.


Pre-emptive warnings

Analyzes turbocharger and engine performance to provide pre-emptive warnings and recommendations that can prevent engine failures. 



Provides key engine indicators via intuitive dashboards, letting ship owners and operators monitor, optimize and benchmark engine performance and act quickly when there are problems.  


Case studies

Going further for Ahrenkiel Steamship with Tekomar XPERT

We enabled Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG to optimize the combined benefits of Tekomar XPERT and DNV’s award-winning performance management portal, ECO Insight, to achieve maximum efficiencies through actionable analytics.
Ahrenkiel Steamship

Going further for CMA CGM with Tekomar XPERT

With the introduction of Tekomar XPERT, CMA CGM saves hundreds of tons of fuel and inevitably reduces emission, while the software also enables engineers to achieve more fuel-efficient operations.
case study

Going further for REEDEREI NSB with Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT enables both the crew on board and shore staff to quickly and easily evaluate engine performance and quantify potential fuel oil savings, based on deviation from reference data.
case study

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