Tekomar XPERT continuous evaluation

Tekomar Xpert continuous evaluation

As digitalization steadily evolves in the maritime industries, more and more ships and engines are equipped with systems which not only monitor the safety relevant signals but deliver complete datasets which also allows for remote diagnostics.  

In order to benefit from such automated data collection infrastructure, Tekomar XPERT offers continuous performance evaluation as an option.

How does it work

  • Data available in the cloud is automatically transferred to Accelleron’s cloud where an advanced algorithm detects stable running condition and regularly creates performance readings based on this input. 
  • The cloud workspace - included in all subscription licenses - will provide all users of the desktop app or web app to access these readings in the same way as with manually created readings.
  • Ships having a fairly stable internet connection down to the engine control room can use the offline cache function in order to be in sync with the cloud workspace, and by this all what is generated in the cloud or added by the user on site gets automatically synchronized. There is no longer the need to send completed readings via e-mail.

This setup also works with incomplete instrumentation on the engines. Besides the continuous evaluation of the limited number of sensors available, users on site can at any time query the available data from the cloud and complete it by manual input (e.g. fuel properties) and additional measurements like cylinder pressure curves with handheld devices.

Tekomar Xpert continuous evaluation

What are the key advantages?

Customers using this option benefit from:

Increased work efficiency by saving time collecting the already monitored signals through automating work based on existing data collected. 

Higher confidence in the operational data. Modification of the imported data by user is visible and trackable.

Increased data quality.

Tekomar Xpert continuous evaluation

Tekomar XPERT is the engine performance advisory solution which gives meaning to data!

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