Upgrade to coated nozzle rings

Nozzle rings are critical. In your turbochargers, they directly convert exhaust gas energy into kinetic energy and therefore power. Dirty, they reduce fuel and emissions efficiency and demand regular cleaning. But upgraded and optimized, they deliver engines that perform at their best – and a huge reduction in maintenance.

Small component. Big impact.

Airflow into your marine engines depends directly on the cleanliness and efficiency of the nozzle rings. But combustion processes can quickly build up deposits, reducing the efficiency of the nozzle rings and the engine. When nozzle rings become contaminated, they require extensive cleaning - and that means engine downtime. 

VTR components nozzle ring

Costs savings

Increased efficiency

Reduced downtime

Dirty nozzle rings = serious downtime.

Dirty nozzle rings require turbine washing. Taking an average engine runtime of 6000 hours per year, that can mean 60 hours of reduced engine load every year. That’s costly for your business. 

Coated Nozzle Ring downtime

$3m+. The real cost of dirty nozzle rings.

Working with marine and stationary application operators, we know they suffer heavy financial losses from repeated turbine cleaning. A large operator with a 15-vessel fleet could lose more than $3,150,000 a year from maintenance downtime. 

Coated Nozzle Ring real cost

Upgrade to coated nozzle rings. Extend cleaning intervals 6x.

Coated nozzle rings have a far greater resistance to dirt build-up. They can cut cleaning cycles from 60 times per year to just 10. That’s a big leap in the annual availability of your engines. 

Up to $175,000 additional revenue. Coated nozzle rings in action.

In dredging applications, turbine washing reduced from 60 to 10 times per year represents up to 50 hours less cleaning - and additional revenue for operators of up to $175,000 per engine, per year. Imagine what coated nozzle rings can do in your operations. 

super-efficient coated nozzle rings
Coated Nozzle Ring revenue

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