Accelleron delivers high-speed turbochargers for new mtu S4000 high power density biogas engine

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Mar 21, 2024

Accelleron’s A100-H series is available in several sizes to match the power ratings and cylinder configurations of the mtu S4000 L64FB genset
  • Collaboration with Rolls-Royce Power Systems supports development of new engine for wide range of biogas applications
  • Modular design of A100 turbocharger simplifies adaptation to handle diverse fuel compositions and ambient conditions
  • New engine to support reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by enabling wider use of biogas

Accelleron will supply its high-speed A100-H turbochargers to energy and propulsion system specialist Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ new mtu S4000 L64FB high-power density biogas gensets after a cooperation to adapt the popular engine series and turbochargers for the demands of biogas. The new gensets will help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas impact across a range of power generation applications.

Accelleron had already worked with Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems, to deliver turbochargers for its existing mtu S4000 portfolio of gas engines, with more than 4,000 engines sold so far. The new engine expands the range to deliver consistently high performance on biogas even under extreme conditions of ambient temperature, humidity and altitude.

The variety of biogas produced at different locations means that the engine and turbocharger needed to be adapted to maintain robust performance with a wide range of fuel compositions. The two companies cooperated to refine and test the thermodynamic performance of the engine and turbochargers, adapting design and components to handle different biogas compositions and ambient conditions.

Dr. Carsten Baumgarten, director R&D for power generation gas engines at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said:

“The new mtu Series 4000 L64FB genset is designed for global use and is extremely robust, with a compact design ensuring the smallest footprint and highest power density in its class. Our long-standing collaboration with Accelleron, built on the reliable high performance of their turbochargers, played a vital role in the development and introduction of the new genset.”

The modular design of Accelleron’s A100-H high-speed turbochargers meant that performance characteristics could be matched to the requirements of biogas applications without altering the turbocharger’s external geometry. This simplified the redesign of the engine, while the use of turbocharger components already within the Accelleron portfolio allowed for a rapid design process.

The A100 series is available in several sizes to match the power ratings and cylinder configurations of the mtu S4000 L64FB genset. For the new genset’s first application, delivering power and heating for a starch producer in Thailand, a 12-cylinder genset features an A135-H turbocharger.

Accelleron Senior Manager OEM Sales & Application Engineering David Cafarelli said:

“This cooperation with Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems highlights the value that Accelleron brings both to engine designers and end users, supporting the new technologies and applications that deliver reliable, efficient power while reducing emissions. The modular design concept and high-power density of the A100-H turbocharger series make it ideally suited to cover the wide range of biogas applications covered by the new mtu Series 4000 L64FB genset.”

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