Accelleron partners with BEMAC to improve access to digital solutions for engines and turbochargers

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Apr 9, 2024

Accelleron's Turbo Insights will be in use on approximately 30 vessels equipped with MaSSA-One
  • Seamless connectivity through BEMAC’s MaSSA-One platform to streamline data transmission for users of Accelleron optimisation solutions
  • Partnership with Japanese maritime data platform provider to drive uptake of digital solutions including Tekomar XPERT and Turbo Insights
  • Rapidly growing BEMAC user base offers significant growth prospects in a key shipowning and shipbuilding market

Accelleron customers will gain easier access to data-driven performance improvements and cost reductions thanks to a new partnership with maritime data platform provider BEMAC. Under the agreement signed with Accelleron’s Japanese joint venture company Turbo Systems United, data gathering and transmission for Accelleron’s digital optimization solutions and data-enabled service agreements will be automated within BEMAC’s MaSSA-One platform.

Accelleron’s Turbo Insights is already set to be used on approximately 30 vessels currently utilizing MaSSA-One platform, while data handling for Turbo MarineCare service agreements is conducted through the platform on two vessels. 

BEMAC Corporate Officer and Device & Communication Segment Manager, Hideyuki Terada said:

“Our role is to provide the users with the stable operations of the ship IoT platform to utilize the ship data effectively. By combining our standardized infrastructure with Accelleron's digital solutions, we are confident that we are coming one step closer to achieve our ideal of “a ship that never stops”.
An overview of BEMAC’s MaSSA-One platform An overview of BEMAC’s MaSSA-One platform

The MaSSA-One platform has become a core part of BEMAC’s portfolio of ship technologies alongside its power distribution and control systems. The advanced platform collects and stores a wide array of data, including from engines, cargo handling and navigation, and shares the data with shoreside services to provide ship support applications. Linking with MaSSA-One streamlines and automates the acquisition and transmission of data for Accelleron services.

Turbo Systems United Executive Director, Senior Vice President, and Head of New Product Sales Yoshimasa Wakasa said:

“We are pleased to be able to collaborate with BEMAC in the digital field as a business partner through this agreement.  The role of digital solutions is growing. Working with partners like BEMAC, Accelleron is committed to removing connectivity challenges. We are confident that the new, seamless access to Accelleron’s digital capabilities via MaSSA-One will enable a smooth transition to maritime digitalization and contribute to efficient operations”.

BEMAC is a leading company in Japan engaged in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of all types of electrical equipment, including power distribution systems and control systems for ships. In recent years, BEMAC has been developing and providing ship support solutions based on the development concept of MaSSA (The Maintenance system for Soundness Sailing Ability), "a ship that never stops". As of February 2024, the platform has been installed on more than 160 vessels.

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