Anthony Veder and Accelleron sign long-term 
turbocharger service partnership

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Dec 4, 2023

Anthony Veder
  • Gas carrier operator adds nine vessels to Accelleron Turbo LifecycleCare agreement
  • Cost predictability and reduced service-related administration underpin extended agreement

Leading gas shipping company Anthony Veder has extended its turbocharger service agreement with Accelleron, securing Turbo LifecycleCare support across 13 vessels. The contract, covering 20 turbochargers on single-fuel and LNG dual-fuel four-stroke engines, build on a service relationship that began in 2017 with four vessels.

Anthony Veder operates a fleet of innovative small-scale and mid-size gas carriers, including Coral Methane, the first multi-gas carrier to be converted into an LNG bunker vessel, as well as Coral Star and Coral Sticho, the first gas carriers to use LNG as a fuel without carrying it as cargo. The majority of their fleet deploys Accelleron turbochargers for its four-stroke engines.

Anthony Veder, Technical Director, Geert van IJserloo says:

“Modern ships are enormously sophisticated, with hundreds of interlinked systems. We rely on the expertise of Accelleron engineers to ensure our turbochargers are correctly tuned and operating at optimum levels, wherever they are across the globe. Having third-party expertise working on the turbochargers means we can concentrate on the core of our business. Over several years, our trust in Accelleron to help us with installations and service wherever and whenever they are required has proven extremely valuable. The Turbo LifeCycleCare agreement will ensure this continues.”

Under the extended Turbo LifecycleCare agreement, all turbocharger maintenance will be planned and executed by Accelleron under a fixed fee based on actual running hours that includes spare parts purchasing and unexpected service costs. 

Turbo LifecycleCare agreements are available to four-stroke engine users in marine and power generation. The agreements are focused on controlling operating expenditure through a fixed fee structure, and can be customized depending on user requirements, including service response time and uptime guarantees.

Ron Vlasblom, Local Unit Manager Benelux, Accelleron, said:

“Entering into a long-term service relationship is not undertaken lightly and we are delighted to have earned the trust of Anthony Veder over the past six years. The new arrangement is a big vote of confidence in Accelleron’s ability to deliver quality service over long periods of time, contributing to effective cost control by flattening fees and reducing exposure to unexpected expenditure.”

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