Tekomar XPERT Marine Engine Module

Marine Engine Module

Performance. In your hands

Automated advisory on engine optimization that enables fuel efficiency and engine health supervision.

The Engine module is Accelleron’s go-to solution for engine performance optimization. It includes instant engine performance diagnostics and advisory on fuel efficiency and performance reliability. An easy-to-use interface communicates your engine’s optimization potential clearly so that you can make informed corrections.

engine performance optimization

Tekomar XPERT Marine: The desktop app

Tekomar XPERT marine is Accelleron’s all-in-one digital software solution for the marine industry that enables simple management of emissions compliance and Propulsion efficiency within one solution.

Fleet comparison

  • Collate and condense engine performance across your fleet
  • Quick overview and performance comparison of engines in your fleet
  • Easy vizualization of performance data with the help of traffic lights 
  • Easily drilldown to see details for each engine
Tekomar XPERT desktop app

Engine Performance Evaluation in Tekomar XPERT marine

  • See your engine’s optimization potential on the thermodynamic model
  • Get quantified optimization potential for fuel oil savings
  • Get corrective actions to take in order to achieve indicated fuel savings
Engine Performance Evaluation

Get immediate results and optimization advice in Tekomar XPERT marine

  • Get a list of possible causes of deviation 
  • Follow corrective advice to improve performance of the engine(s) accordingly 
  • Engine analysis results are concise, easily understandable comments
results and optimization advice

Data input

  • The input form fields feature a familiar interface as commonly known from engine makers and tailored to your equipment
  • Input forms feature field validation, ensuring data is captured correctly
  • Calculations and references are displayed immediately once all respective data are available 
data input
  • Import data from all major DPI makers as well as from other third-party data providers
third-party data

Determine engine power with Tekomar XPERT marine

  • Advanced algorithm determines correct engine power by weighing all available methods of power estimation. 
  • Correct engine power is the basis for performance evaluation 
  • Tekomar XPERT marine detects whether the callibration of the shaft power meter has drifted
Determine engine power
  • Performance curve for comparing current performance with shop trial refference
Performance curve
  • Performance curve for comparing current performance with shop trial refference
Performance curve
  • Performance curve for comparing current performance with shop trial refference
Performance curve

Tekomar XPERT Marine: The web app

The Tekomar XPERT web app (included in the Tekomar XPERT for fleet subscription) is a web-based application that provides a birds-eye view of the performance for all engines in your fleet. The web app which is easily accessible from any device connected to the internet presents all dat collected with the desktop app in a condensed format.

What’s more, the web app enables the benchmarking of the engine health and potential savings on fleet and vessels level, providing the technical management team indications about the status of all engines on all vessels

Feature highlights of the web app

  • Overview of the engines’ performance in an entire fleet with a focus on the three KPIs: Engine Health, Optimization Potential, Saving Potential per ton/per day
  • Profile-based dashboard view
Feature highlights-web app

Performance evaluation

  • View the Engine health, Optimization potential, Reporting behaviour on the business (company) level, fleet level and vessel level.
  • Benchmark Engine health and Potential savings on fleet and vessel level
  • Identify high and low performers 
Performance evaluation

Historical fleet benchmark

  • Go back in time to compare fleet performance to see trends and evolution of all KPIs
  • Hover over the charts with your mouse to view details
Historical fleet benchmark
  • Compare the engine health of vessels in your fleet in the Engine Health tab.
Compare engine health
  • Compare the fuel saving potential for the engines in your fleet in the Saving Potential tab.
Compare fuel saving

Cut through complexity with Tekomar XPERT marine

  • Data is collated from the engine level, condensed and distributed via the cloud in a simplified and easily digestible format. 
  • Easily drill down for details.
Tekomar XPERT complexity
Tekomar XPERT complexity

Case studies

Going further for CCPO with Tekomar XPERT

CCPO were an early adopter of our smart engine performance diagnostics software, Tekomar XPERT (now known as Tekomar XPERT marine) and went on to adopt the even more advanced version in 2019.
case study

Going further for GESCO

GESCO achieved savings worth $45,000 with Tekomar XPERT, meaning that the system effectively paid for itself in only 20 days. As a result of this success 46 more tankers and bulk carriers were installed with the engine performance software.
case study

Going further for Shanghai Ming Wah Shipping Co.

By optimizing engine performance with Tekomar XPERT, the company was able to make valuable savings in fuel consumption and slash fleetwide CO2 emissions by 5,800 tons a year.
case study

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