Tekomar XPERT Marine Hull & Propeller Module

Marine Hull & Propeller Module

Emissions. In your hands

The Hull & Propeller module is a part of Accelleron's Tekomar XPERT marine all-in-one digital  solution for the marine industry.

This is more than just data. It provides critical insights into the condition of a vessel’s hull and propeller and its effect on an engine’s propulsion efficiency.

This information makes it easy to reduce overconsumption and, most importantly, CO2 emissions.

How it works

The Hull & Propeller module focuses on the following key areas to support shipowners and operators in improving their propulsion efficiency.

Fouling assessment

Assesses the condition of your hull and propeller and determines the need and optimal timing for cleaning events.


Charter cooperation

Provides transparency on compliance with charterparty agreements.


Overconsumption guidance

Helps identify the root causes of overconsumption and the effectiveness of corrective actions.


Key features

  • Determines overconsumption due to fouling compared to technical and/or charter party reference
  • Hull cleaning advisory based on input parameters such as hull cleaning cost, fuel cost and speed
  • Speed vs consumption curves for charter party reference
  • All measurements corrected to reference conditions and elimination of external influencing factors according to ITTC rules
  • Benchmarking on company, fleet and vessel level

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