Helping HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) to deliver smarter digital insights solutions

An image showing engineers looking at turbocharger insights
HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) has partnered with Accelleron to provide digital insights solutions for the company’s Smartship platform.

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering is one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world. The engineering giant now has access to the latest digital turbocharger insights solutions, thanks to a new partnership between HD Hyundai Marine Solution (HD HMS) and Accelleron.

South Korea is home to one of the world’s biggest shipbuilding industries, with shipbuilders within the country accounting for nearly a third of all shipbuilding orders in the first half of last year, and winning 61 percent of the world’s orders for higher-priced vessels. When it comes to shipbuilders, none are bigger than HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering, marking the importance of the latest partnership between HD HMS and Accelleron. 

HD HMS is a total service provider for all vessels built at HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering. With the partnership, the company will have access to Accelleron’s Turbo Insights, a solution that delivers up-to-date visibility of turbocharger performance through a compressor map chart and performance KPI. 

How Accelleron’s Turbo Insights can help

This transparency over how the turbocharger performs enables Accelleron to turn data into insights that HD HMS can use when carrying out servicing. The compressor maps themselves play a large part in highlighting potential for performance optimization, fuel savings, CO2 emissions reduction and more.

In an industry where proprietary platforms are often incompatible with other solutions, Turbo Insights is notable for its compatibility across different platforms, enabling customers to integrate Turbo Insights within their existing systems. 

For HD HMS, this means integrating Turbo Insights directly into the company’s Integrated Smartship System (ISS). The integration simplifies how ship owners and operators apply digital optimization technologies on vessels built by HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering or serviced by HD HMS, providing insights that will help customers to meet their sustainability and operational targets. 

HD HMS will be able to monitor and support customers by providing an optional overview of performance across their fleet, thanks to the deal with Accelleron. The partnership marks a significant first for HD HMS, being the first time that the company has integrated turbochargers into its digital platform. This provides significant potential to reduce fuel costs, minimize emissions and optimize maintenance.

Analytics from Turbo Insights, integrated into ISS, has the potential to flag an engine and turbocharger that’s running poorly or inefficiently, with high emissions or high fuel consumption. As a result, HD HMS will be able to take action to ensure the engine and turbocharger are running as efficiently as possible, saving the owner or operator when it comes to both operating costs and unplanned maintenance.

Integrating additional digital solutions

The partnership enables additional digital solutions for HD HMS through ISS. These include Tekomar XPERT, an engine optimization solution that delivers accurate advice to mitigate high fuel costs and reduce the environmental footprint of ship owners and operators. 

Turbo MarineCare, a data-enabled service agreement, will also be available through ISS as an option, providing complete peace of mind, with a comprehensive warranty, financial predictability and data-driven insights into the health of a ship’s turbochargers. Accelleron is currently the only turbocharger technology provider offering up-to-date insights into performance through a purpose-built platform that delivers optimization and maintenance recommendations. 

HD Hyundai Marine Solution’s Alex J, Senior Manager, Digital Insight Center explains: “Our ISS system brings added value to our customers through insights and our new agreement and extended cooperation with Accelleron will provide them with even more thorough information in future.”

“This unique partnership means that shipowners will be effortlessly digital-ready from the moment their vessel is delivered, providing them with unparalleled transparency into turbocharger health,” adds Accelleron’s Cristian Corotto, President Digital Division. 

It’s a deal that helps the world’s biggest shipbuilder to deliver more sustainable and efficient solutions to customers, helping the shipping industry as it works towards decarbonization and ever-stringent sustainability targets. “Together, Accelleron and HD Hyundai Marine Solution are paving the way for a new era of digital optimization in the shipping industry,” Christian concludes.