Turbo Insights.

Optimizing your turbochargers from new.

turbo insights

Get performance insights on your newbuild A100-L/A200-L turbochargers - from day 1.

Right from newbuild, you need the data that can optimize the fuel and emissions efficiency of your turbochargers, and your engines.

That’s why we include Turbo Insights with our new A100-L/A200-L turbochargers.

From new, you can verify that your engines and turbochargers will deliver peak efficiency at every stage:

After shop test


At sea trial


Until end of warranty


After warranty


See what you can do with Turbo Insights

Transparency. Analysis. Action.

Turbo Insights has the power to turn your raw operational data into knowledge you can act on, analyzed by experts at Accelleron, and presented to you through clear color-coded visual indicators that you can access through your customer platform, 24/7.

Turbo Insights

See at a glance where you can

Optimize performance

Optimize the performance of your engines and their turbochargers


Reduce costs

Directly make fuel savings to reduce costs 


Reduce CO2 emissions

Reduce your overall CO2 emissions to support compliance and meet your responsibility goals


Digitally enabled, future ready

With Turbo Insights enabled on your newbuild turbochargers, you’re ready to make full  use of Accelleron’s range of powerful digital services including Turbo MarineCare  and Tekomar XPERT for fleet.

That’s knowledge that can drive your fleet forward.

We’re here to help.

If you have questions, drop us a line.