Servicing without surprises: Accelleron’s Turbo LifecycleCare service welcomes 100th agreement

An image of an engine and turbocharger to reflect the company’s servicing agreement
Accelleron’s 100th agreement has been signed for the company’s Turbo LifecycleCare service. Discover how Turbo LifecycleCare supports more than 2,000 turbochargers and delivers predictable servicing and maintenance.

Accelleron celebrated its 100th Turbo LifecycleCare signature towards the end of last year, with the service agreement solution now supporting more than 2,000 turbochargers across maritime and land-based power generation applications.

Turbo LifecycleCare was created in 2017 to deliver predictable maintenance costs and reduced risk for operators. 

Accelleron Head of Global Service Sales Dirk Balthasar explains: “Turbo LifecycleCare was developed based on the needs of customers looking for a reliable partner who could support them in reducing administrative work related to turbocharger servicing as well as offering a fixed price based on operating hours that made it easy for them to project costs.”

Because Turbo LifecycleCare is based on actual running hours, there’s no cost during downtime. Turbo LifecycleCare also goes beyond scheduled maintenance, covering everything needed to provide peace of mind for owners and operators, even in the event of unplanned downtime, with the agreement including servicing, labor, spare parts, and wear and tear. 

With maintenance planned and executed exclusively by Accelleron, customers using the service also benefit from reduced administration. As such, Turbo LifecycleCare delivers predictable budgeting and greater efficiencies throughout the servicing lifecycle.

Why Turbo LifecycleCare is so popular with customers

The success of Turbo LifecycleCare should come as no surprise – after all, who doesn’t want peace of mind when it comes to complex and expensive machinery? According to Accelleron’s own ship owner and operator survey, the ability to control service costs is a significant factor, with unexpected costs being a major concern.

With the global economy evolving, service agreements are becoming ever more relevant. 38% of respondents noted an upwards trend in service and maintenance costs, driven by factors including more frequent servicing, increasing inflation, labor and materials costs, but 60% of companies also reported that turbocharger service costs are remaining stable. 

This correlates with the 61% who are engaged in long-term service relationships with their turbocharger supplier, engine supplier or specialist service company. Service agreements help to remove peaks in costs throughout the year or even across several years, which highlights why solutions such as Turbo LifecycleCare have proved so popular with customers. 

What Accelleron’s customers think of Turbo LifecycleCare 

Miltos Synefias, Technical Director at Pleiades Shipping, explains: “What comes to my mind first about Turbo LifecycleCare is ‘no big surprises’ when budgeting for turbocharger maintenance and repair. Turbochargers are overhauled in an organized workshop environment and costs are evenly spread and are mostly predictable. I would like to say well done to Accelleron for inventing and embracing this idea and implementing it in the most professional way.”

It's a view that’s shared by Eddy Gomez, Regional Director at EGE Haina Power Plant, who adds: “We see great value from Turbo LifecycleCare because we are provided with the latest updates for equipment, along with outstanding service. On top of that we have predictable costs based on how many hours we run on a monthly basis.”

Achieving 100 Turbo LifecycleCare agreements to date is a testimony to the strong relationships Accelleron has developed with customers, including EGE Haina and Pleiades Shipping. As Accelleron’s Dirk Balthasar concludes: “This milestone shows that our customers find real value from this agreement and continue to trust in the service that only the OEM can provide.”