Accelleron’s next-generation turbochargers make servicing easier than ever

A container ship at sea, towed by tug boats
Accelleron’s next-generation turbochargers increase service flexibility and reduce unplanned downtime through service-friendly cartridge exchange technology.

Servicing marine engines can be a huge logistical challenge. Major services are typically carried out when a vessel is in a dry dock for maintenance, updates and other work every five years, but this can mean that components are sometimes prematurely exchanged. The next generation of turbochargers from Accelleron introduce more flexibility when it comes to servicing, ensuring that services are carried out only when necessary.  

Managing service schedules can be particularly tricky for ship owners and operators, with the need to try and balance servicing with existing routes, schedules, and other planned maintenance. Dry docks can prove equally challenging when it comes to timing, with suppliers queuing to use cranes and any available space. As such, while some owners and operators prefer to carry out servicing during dry docking, others will be more than happy to have one less job to concentrate on when their vessels are out of operation.

This has led to Accelleron developing the next generation of turbochargers for two-stroke engines – the ACCX300-L series. The latest products from Accelleron represent turbocharging reimagined, and along with the additional flexibility previously discussed when it comes to adapting to future fuels, they are also considerably more flexible with regard to servicing.

A new turbocharger design means that the entire rotor subassembly from the ACCX300-L series can be exchanged in a single port call, using new or refurbished cartridges. Customers can choose from regular servicing in a dry dock, they can have their existing turbocharger cartridges rebuilt, or those with relevant servicing agreements can also benefit from Accelleron’s pool of refurbished cartridges.

Quick and easy access to a pool of fresh cartridges leaves ship owners and operators facing minimal downtime, with the ability to service their turbochargers as part of their scheduled journeys, cutting costs and ensuring necessary servicing is carried out on time.

Instead of servicing turbochargers every five years in dry docks, exchange at port means the full component lifetime between overhauls can be used, resulting in just three scheduled services rather than four across a 25-year vessel lifespan. This reduces operating costs and provides greater flexibility in servicing regimes, as well as providing fewer interruptions to operations.

The ACCX300-L series turbochargers are complemented by Accelleron’s Turbo Insights digital technology, making it easier for operators to identify areas where performance can be improved. Turbo Insights can also advise when services will be required in advance, so operators can align servicing and maintenance with existing schedules and routes.

Other benefits of the new ACCX300-L series include the ability for customers to dismantle the cartridge, introducing the potential to skip intermediate inspection through data analytics, along with a warranty extension on SIKO components.

Along with an accompanying service agreement similar to Accelleron’s existing Turbo MarineCare, which will grant access to Accelleron’s pool of replacement components, ship owners and operators will be able to benefit from financial predictability, peace of mind when it comes to warranty, and a simpler way of maintaining equipment – key points that were raised in Accelleron’s ship owner and operator survey.

Together, Accelleron’s next-generation turbochargers and digital technology can help owners and operators to save considerable amounts of time and effort when it comes to servicing.

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