Accelleron and Sauber Motorsport introduce new joint workshop, “Digitalization and F1 mindset, a culture of high performance”

Accelleron and Sauber Motorsport workshop
Accelleron and Sauber Motorsport join forces to create a training workshop that provides an exclusive insight into how a Formula 1 digital mindset can also be adopted in the maritime industry.

As part of our technology partnership, Accelleron and Sauber Motorsport have joined forces to create a training workshop that demonstrates how the power of digitalization, combined with a racing mindset, can drive progress on track, in business and towards sustainability. 

Common areas of expertise, including continuous monitoring, cloud computing, predictive analysis and additive manufacturing raise the bar of competition by accelerating the data-driven decision-making (DDDM) process. This in turn leads to enhanced teamwork, transparency and reliability.

To share the potential of the Digital Revolution, a team of experts from Accelleron and Sauber Motorsport has jointly developed an innovative new training module. The project is led by Cristian Corotto, President of Accelleron’s Digital Division, and Lucia Conconi, Sauber Group’s Head of Vehicle Performance.

Using real-life case studies, the first interactive workshop was held in August for a management team from one of Accelleron’s marine customers.

Cristian explains how Sauber’s finely tuned ‘digital racing mindset’ can drive organizations and companies to push boundaries, boost competitiveness and achieve sustainable success.

“From a digital point of view, there are many similarities between these two pieces of engineering genius,” says Crisitian. “Both Formula 1 cars and cargo vessels constantly produce data that is gathered, analyzed, benchmarked and applied to identify critical issues, set priorities, maximize performance and strive for success.”

Data, and the insights it provides, is incredibly valuable to any company, and is critical to success in both Formula 1 and the marine industry.

“In Formula 1 as in business, strategic advantage relies on the ability to enhance performance without wasting resources, while involving the entire team,” adds Cristian. “It’s not only a matter of big data and technologies, but a cultural and mindset issue.

“Sharing reliable and qualified data, at all levels, helps team members work at problem-solving like a unique and coordinated group. A bit like an orchestra.”

How Formula 1 is contributing to the maritime decarbonization process

“For many years, Formula 1 has been at the forefront of innovations in areas like aerodynamics, hybrid technologies and biofuels that minimize greenhouse gas emissions in the energy transition journey. Data drives car development, and its continuous improvement influences sustainable competitive decisions in the immediate as well in the short, medium, and long term.

“We want to share Sauber Motorsport’s racing mindset based on a data-driven decision-making approach and teamwork beyond the track, while also promoting the adoption of more sustainable business models among shipping companies,” adds Cristian.

The joint workshop follows on from Accelleron’s previous successful workshops for marine customers. Cristian explains: “We are happy to continue to bring this experience to customers who have digitalization and sustainability at the core of their strategy in order to reach zero emissions by 2050. This has been mandated by the IMO, and our customers are beginning to realize that the challenge goes beyond technology.

“Our goal with the new workshop was to provide attendees with an exclusive insight into how a Formula 1 digital mindset can also be adopted in the maritime industry. We wanted to show how a data-driven decision-making process, transparent and clear definition of KPIs and KPOs, collaborative teamwork and quick execution can boost their race towards excellence and a more sustainable world.”