Odfjell Management AS is saving money and cutting emissions thanks to ABB Turbocharging’s engine upgrades

Photo of Odfjell Management AS Bow Star leaving shipyard
With climate change a hot topic, there’s never been a more critical time to concentrate on emissions. We’re seeing the introduction of strict NOx and CO2 emissions legislation, and this has led to fleet operators looking at ways to make their machinery more efficient.

With climate change a hot topic, there’s never been a more critical time to concentrate on emissions. We’re seeing the introduction of strict NOx and CO2 emissions legislation, and this has led to fleet operators looking at ways to make their machinery more efficient.

Norway-based Odfjell wants to be a front-runner when it comes to minimizing environmental impact, and the company selected chemical tanker BOW SUN for initial upgrades.

Odfjell started its journey by changing the design of BOW SUN’s propeller, cutting performance in a bid to decrease fuel consumption and lower emissions. ABB Turbocharging then investigated ways to optimize the engine to match new power demands. Bringing ABB Turbocharging on board to manage the project meant that Odfjell could call on a huge range of engineering expertise across multiple areas.

Dealing with a single stakeholder

Identifying Odfjell’s specific needs and the issues the company wanted to solve played a big part in this project’s success. Implementing major engine upgrades on ships is a huge undertaking, generally involving multiple stakeholders including turbocharger and engine makers, classification societies and additional companies or departments. With ABB Turbocharging’s engineering and consulting services, however, Odfjell only had to deal with a single stakeholder for this specific engine upgrade project.

Along with the upgraded propeller, BOW SUN received a tailored engine re-tune designed for low-load optimization and to meet IMO NOx classification. ABB Turbocharging modified the engine’s shims, exhaust, fuel-cam position, VIT parameters, cylinder liner insulation, and upgraded turbocharger components included the nozzle ring and compressor wheel.

The ability for Odfjell to deal with a single point of contact at ABB Turbocharging while these upgrades were carried out not only saved costs for the customer, but it also saved time, with all the necessary engineers on site at the dock when required.

Meeting emissions targets

De-rating the engine for optimal power with the new propeller, along with engine re-tuning and turbocharger upgrades for optimal performance has helped Odfjell to save money on operating costs and to reduce emissions. CO2 emissions have been cut by 3%, while NOx is down by 20%, helping BOW SUN to maintain IMO compliance and meeting IMO Tier I regulations.

The project is the perfect example of how ABB can bring a wide range of expertise together to respond to customer requirements. ABB may be best known for its turbochargers, but working closely with newly acquired Tekomar, our engineers are also fully capable of adding an additional layer of knowledge and providing far more comprehensive solutions and all-in-one service and upgrade packages.

The upgrades to BOW SUN have enabled Odfjell to lower its environmental impact while also saving a significant amount of money, but this is just the starting point in the Norwegian company’s journey to become greener.

Geirmund Drivenes, Global Head of Ship Management Geirmund Drivenes, Global Head of Ship Management

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with ABB and the results we have achieved from our energy efficiency upgrades. The upgrades are comprehensive and have consisted of many activities. During the last few years Odfjell has improved the energy efficiency of our managed fleet by 30%”, said Geirmund Drivenes, Global Head of Ship Management.

BOW SUN is one of eight Poland vessels in the Odfjell fleet, and the success of the overhauls means that Odfjell will continue to partner with ABB Turbocharging over the next few years to upgrade the remaining ships.

Image credits: Odjfell Management AS, StockStudio/Shutterstock

The upgrades provided and fitted by ABB Turbocharging

For Odfjell, the comprehensive engine upgrades include:

  • Engineering for engine re-tuning including turbocharger upgrade for low load optimization after propeller retrofit.
  • Engineering for IMO NOx recertification.
  • Specification of upgrade parts for turbocharger, including nozzle ring, compressor wheel and more.
  • Specification of upgrade parts for engine, including shims, exhaust and fuel cam position, VIT parameters, torsional vibration calculation and cylinder liner insulation.
  • Complete documentation for recertification (parent and member engine).
  • Supervision of engine overhaul works.
  • Implementing the turbocharger upgrade on board.
  • Confirmation trial / Emission measurement trial with final tuning.

Additional savings with Tekomar CYLUBE

ABB Turbocharging’s own Tekomar already worked closely with Odfjell to upgrade cylinder lubrication systems with Tekomar CYLUBE. The new version brings the known features and proven technology of Tekomar CYLUBE for MC (-C) and UEC engines to RTA / RT-flex engines with a CLU3 lubricating system.

The system also removes the need to find the correct feed rate in complicated diagrams, adjusting it in the RCS parameters and using lubricator setting screws. Tekomar CYLUBE S3 makes adjusting and maintaining the feed rate a routine task, even when changing fuel or load. A straightforward user interface and consequent easy handling of adjustments result in an optimized feed rate.

Odfjell has installed Tekomar CYLUBE S3 to the Poland class vessels and achieved savings of between 25 to 30% CLO on all eight vessels.

Six additional vessels with UEC engines will be upgraded to Tekomar CYLUBE M within this year.