How Vedanta – Cairn Oil & Gas is optimizing performance through ABB Turbocharging service agreements

An ABB engineer working on an ABB turbocharger
Vedanta Limited – Cairn Oil & Gas has opted for service agreement with ABB to manage and maintain 43 turbochargers throughout its facilities over the next two years.

Vedanta Limited – Cairn Oil & Gas, is the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in India. Cairn contributed around 24% of India’s domestic crude oil production in the 2019-2020 financial year, with ambitions of producing half of India’s oil and gas in the future. Building on a ten-year partnership between Cairn and ABB Turbocharging, the company has opted for service agreement with ABB to manage and maintain 43 turbochargers throughout its facilities over the next two years. 

Cairn’s operations are huge. Among other technical accomplishments, the company has built the world’s longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline between Barmer, Rajasthan and Bhogat (Devbhoomi Dwarka), Gujarat, along with production of hydrocarbons at Yanam, Andhra Pradesh. Cairn has achieved such accomplishments by relying on ABB Turbocharging products including TPS, RR and VTC turbochargers to provide reliable and efficient power.

Mr. M A Qureshi, manager of Electrical at Cairn’s Viramgam Terminal, explains: “When it comes to crude oil pipeline operation, it’s critical that we maintain a continuous temperature across various atmospheric conditions.”

Such requirements meant that Cairn needed a power supply that could run continuously without worries of unexpected downtime. The new service agreement was seen as the most appropriate fit to ensure the continued efficiency and reliability of the turbochargers in use throughout Cairn’s facilities, while providing maintenance and support closely aligned with Cairn’s specific needs.

Providing a customized service and maintenance package 

As with the full ABB Turbocharging service portfolio, our service agreements ultimately aim to reduce the total cost of turbocharger operations and the administrative workload of maintenance management. Along with this, the service agreement also allows flexibility to define the scope of which service and products will be covered, which is essential for many customers, including Cairn.

Qureshi underlines the importance of the partnership between Cairn and ABB Turbocharging, adding: “We have enjoyed excellent support from ABB turbocharging over the past 10 years, and we are looking forward to a successful partnership over the course of the contract.”

And, as outsourced maintenance becomes the norm across these industries, the need to continue working closely with customers to further tailor service offerings for their specific current and future needs will continue to be a key focus for ABB Turbocharging.

Image credit: ABB PicturePark/Dominic Brunner