Accelleron turbochargers add their power to Japan’s decarbonization efforts

An image of Container ship leaving port
How Accelleron turbochargers are helping Japan to meet strict decarbonization targets.

At the end of 2021, we discussed the range of projects planned or under way to reduce emissions and embrace future fuels in Japan, following the government’s announcement that, “By 2050, Japan will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero, that is, to realize a carbon-neutral, decarbonized society,” with the marine sector being a focus for the country’s Green Growth Strategy.

Now, Accelleron and engine manufacturer Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) have signed a technical agreement to authorise the use of Accelleron’s turbochargers on J-ENG’s UE Engine, one of the world’s largest brands of low-speed marine engines, used by some of its biggest vessels. J-ENG itself was formed from two giants in the Japanese industry, Kobe Diesel Co., Ltd. with the diesel engine division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery Co., Ltd. The UE Engine is especially famed for its low fuel consumption and low-emissions, which have steadily continued to improve since its introduction.

These characteristics make the UE Engine a good match for the Accelleron A100-L and A200-Llines, designed for low speed marine diesel engines. The models boast a combination of high pressure tuning and FiTS2 sequential turbocharging technology, saving up to 6g of fuel per kWh.

The first installation took place in July 2022, with the Accelleron A255-L turbocharger being matched up with the UE Engine model, 6UEC33LSH-Eco -C2, bringing particularly high efficiency when the engine is running in part-load-mode.

Addressing the announcement, Alexandros Karamitsos, Accelleron’s Head of Global Sales for Low-Speed Turbochargers, said:

“The agreement between our two companies will strengthen both our offerings and we are proud that Accelleron turbochargers will be used in UE Engines going forward. Our experience and reliability make us confident that our proven turbocharger technology can support the attainment of high fuel efficiency and lower emissions from UE Engines as ship operators take action to decarbonize the global shipping fleet.”

We’re excited to work with J-ENG and contribute to its efforts to decarbonize the future of international marine transport.