How Paramount Textile is cutting costs and improving reliability through turbocharger upgrades

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After 15 years of hard operational use from its engines, Paramount began discussions with the experts in ABB Turbocharging's Service Upgrade team to find the most suitable turbocharger upgrades. Here's what happened next.

As one of the most successful textile companies in Bangladesh, Paramount Textile has made a name for itself by producing and delivering world-class woven fabrics for internationally renowned retailers and brands. In order to deliver the best possible service and maintain its reputation, it’s imperative that Paramount can run its machinery at 100% load without issues, and that’s where ABB Turbocharging comes in.

Paramount Textile currently runs seven INNIO engines at its production facility in Bangladesh, relying on ABB Turbochargers to power five of those units. With costs and efficiency high on Paramount’s list of priorities, the company recently completed a major overhaul, looking for increased reliability, greater spare parts availability and engines that can run efficiently at 100% load.

After 15 years of hard operational use from its engines, Paramount began discussions with our experts in the Service Upgrade team to find the most suitable turbocharger upgrades. While capital expenses were important to Paramount, the company was also willing to look at the bigger picture, taking lifecycle costs, reliability and a flourishing customer relationship between Paramount and ABB Turbocharging into account.

Our willingness to listen to Paramount and shape our service to meet their requirements helped us to build our relationship, working with detailed customer data to deliver an unbeatable package that not only met Paramount’s operational requirements, but also demonstrated value in terms of savings, commercial benefits and total cost of ownership.

After discussing Paramount’s requirements, it became clear that any upgrade package would need to offer the following benefits:

• Ensure highest spare parts availability and wider speed margin, providing operation flexibility
• Ensure customer to mitigate the hunting load (if available)
• Significant reduction of thermal wear and tear to reduce maintenance cost
• Lower thermal load and extended component lifetime, reducing maintenance cost and TCO
• Lower emissions for environmental improvement
• Offered attractive commercial package

Paramount’s existing turbocharger setup comprised five ABB TPS52D01 turbochargers. Our upgrade package included switching the TPS52D01 turbocharger to the more efficient ABB TPS52F33 which, in addition to providing the benefits above, is also a 100% drop-in solution, helping to keep capital expenditure as low as possible.

Iftekhar Shahriar, Assistant Manager – End User sales, and Ifrat Jahan, Assistant Manager – Business development at ABB Turbocharging explain: “This was a particularly inspiring project for ABB Turbocharging, and through sharing our strategies and demonstrating the value proposition of our upgrades, we were able to build a stronger relationship with the customer. It’s easy to be swayed by alternatives that may initially appear cheaper, but we’re delighted that Paramount shared our vision for quality, reliability and a package that offers greater flexibility and lower operating costs.

“The burgeoning partnership is also a huge success for our Service Upgrade team, who worked extremely hard to find the best possible solution for Paramount Textiles. We believe our ability to measure and identify savings in terms of cost, along with demonstrating the benefits of our upgrades for this particular customer will only create more opportunities for ABB Turbocharging’s future customers.”