Happy holidays from Accelleron

A festive image highlighting some of the industries Accelleron has worked with over the past year
With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to look back over the past 12 months at Accelleron and the industries we support, and look towards a successful 2023.

2022 was a stand-out year for Accelleron, in which we launched our new brand, our new company and positioned ourselves as the turbocharging experts helping our customers go further today, tomorrow and beyond. It was also a busy year for many of our customers and their industries, with plenty of big events around the world. Read on as we take a look back at everything that happened in 2022. 

For charge!, the biggest news of 2022 was obviously the launch of Accelleron, moving on from our historical roots at ABB Turbocharging and creating a new company with an entirely new look and a refreshed vision, ready for the challenges that lie ahead over the coming years and decades.

The new brand helps us to support our customers in going further than ever before, both literally and metaphorically. As Accelleron’s Magdalena Okopska explains, “with cutting-edge turbocharging technologies, our customers have more power, more efficiency and more reliability. But we also help them go further as a business, by giving our customers the tools to succeed, alongside best-in-class service.”

2022 saw plenty of exciting events throughout the year, including Accelleron’s own Sustainability Conference at London’s Royal Institute, where our panel of experts discussed sustainability and decarbonization and how turbocharger technology and TPL upgrades can make a difference to sustainability in shipping, among other topics.

Accelleron was present at the Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels Conference, where Accelleron’s Pascal Reolon presented the results of a white paper at the conference, describing how Accelleron created an interactive display and forecasting tool for ships’ CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) rating during specific reporting periods. Pascal was joined at the conference by Accelleron’s Simone Bernasconi, who discussed how turbocharging solutions can support the decarbonization journey. Accelleron was also present at Nor-Shipping earlier on in the year.

2022 saw some exciting partnerships for Accelleron outside of the marine industry as well, including a partnership with Formula One operator Sauber Group. You can catch up on our series of stories with Sauber, which include: How testing helps Accelleron and Sauber to predict the futurehow the testing of individual components enables engineers to improve a machine’s overall performance, the development of additive manufacturing and what it means for companies such as Accelleron, why data matters to both Formula One and Accelleron, and digitalization, regulation and sustainability in the worlds of Accelleron and Formula One.

We had plenty of customer success stories throughout the year to report on, including why E1 S.r.l. chose Tekomar XPERT for power plant maintenance and upgrades, how the new Tekomar XPERT marine Hull & propeller module provides an essential defence against the perils of foulage, and why Danish fast ferry operator Molslinjen turned to Accelleron for its turbocharger upgrades.

We also kick started a new series, looking at present and future fuels, starting with diesel and moving on to LNG. We’ll be looking at more alternative options early next year, including ammonia, methanol and hydrogen.

So that’s it for 2022 from the team here at charge! – we hope you enjoyed catching up with us throughout the year, and we look forward to bringing you an even more turbocharged 2023.