Martin Energy Group Signs Turbo UptimeCare™ agreement with Accelleron

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Jan 31, 2023

Martin Energy Group
  • Martin Energy Group becomes the first provider of the Accelleron turbocharger maintenance package in North America.
  • Turbo UptimeCare™ guarantees uptime while minimizing costly downtime.
  • Continuous uptime is achieved through exclusive access to Accelleron’s pool of exchange turbocharger units.

Accelleron has secured a Turbo UptimeCare™ agreement with power generation solutions and service provider, Martin Energy Group, which becomes the first provider of this type of turbocharger maintenance package in the United States. 

Martin Energy Group develops, owns, operates, and provides distributed generation assets and systems in North America. The company designs, engineers and packages electric generators, co-generation systems and associated equipment and operates and maintains a complete range of power generator solutions. 

Turbo UptimeCare™ is a modular service agreement developed by Accelleron for customers relying on turbocharged high-speed engines for power generation. The maintenance service prioritizes uninterrupted operations. Powerplant downtime is minimized between overhauls via the availability module which guarantees the delivery of an exchange unit within seven days of planned maintenance. A turbocharger that has reached its service interval is directly swapped out for an exchange turbocharger thereby eliminating delays incurred while waiting for parts. Dedicated support and one point of contact for customer servicing for the global fleet ensures that the process runs smoothly. 

Under the agreement, 18 Accelleron A130-H66 turbochargers in use on nine Siemens Guascor 100EM engines will undergo servicing in the next three years. To ensure that guaranteed uptime is achieved, both Martin Energy Group and Accelleron have purchased a set of A130-H66 turbochargers. This is in accordance with the contract between the two companies that defines a fixed price for turbocharger overhauling services that guarantee the availability of two complete A130-H66 turbochargers within seven full working days with Accelleron maintaining one set of turbochargers.

Brian Dietzway, Key Account Manager at Accelleron, said,

“Minimizing downtime between engine turbocharger services can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenues due to the increasing costs of unscheduled downtime. At Accelleron, we offer a customized solution for operators and engine owners tailored to optimize uptime between turbo overhauls for their global fleet. We achieve this through our installation network that is spread far and wide around the world. This allows us to ensure that overhauled turbochargers are ready to be installed even when the geographical distance between installations is vast. The deal forged between Martin Energy Group for the provision of Turbo UptimeCare™ in the USA represents the expansion of our service into another global region.”

Jeremy Stockwill, Global Parts and Rebuild Manager at Martin Energy Group, said,

“In signing this deal with Accelleron we will be able to ensure continuous uptime of our customers’ assets, saving them money and time spent on the administration of coordinating turbocharger maintenance events. We are delighted to be the first company to bring this service to the United States with Accelleron.”

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