Accelleron extends service agreement with Starlite Ferries

Press release | Baden, Switzerland | Sep 26, 2023

  • Agreement with Phillipines ferry operator covers eight ro-ro vessels for a further three years
  • Extension will include installation of digital engine performance solution Tekomar Xpert on all vessels
  • Turbo LifecycleCare agreement guarantees turbocharger uptime with predictable costs based on actual running hours

Accelleron has signed a new three-year agreement to deliver turbocharger services to Starlite Ferries Inc. The passenger ferry operator, located in the Philippines, has extended the scope as well as the duration of their Turbo LifecycleCare agreement, adding one further vessel to the seven previously covered. Furthermore, Accelleron’s digital engine optimization solution Tekomar Xpert is newly implemented on all eight vessels.

Starlite Ferries, Inc. is one of the leading shipping companies in the Philippines, serving daily traffic of around 10,000 passengers and more than 1,500 vehicles. With this contract Accelleron retains responsibility for service planning and spare parts ordering for a total of 16 type A135-M turbochargers.

Turbo LifecycleCare agreements offer predictable budgeting and cost-saving efficiency for operators of Accelleron turbochargers for four-stroke engines in the marine industry and power generation. The agreements cover standard spare parts, wear and tear, and labor, with Accelleron reducing the administrative burden by taking over responsibility for maintenance planning and scheduling. Contracts are based on actual running hours, meaning that Accelleron guarantees uptime across the entire service lifecycle.

The introduction of Tekomar Xpert on their vessels will help Starlite Ferries to operate engines even more efficiently. The digital solution allows operators to manage environmental compliance, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize fuel efficiency, with instant engine diagnostics and advisories delivered automatically throughout every voyage.

Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy, President & CEO, Starlite Ferries, said:

“Our partnership with Accelleron has helped Starlite Ferries build on its reputation as the ferry operator of choice in the Philippines. Under the previous contract our close relationship and Accelleron’s timely service enabled us to continue serving customers reliably even during the challenges of the COVID pandemic. We are delighted to extend the agreement and to take advantage of Accelleron’s expertise in digital optimization.”

JooTian Lim, Branch Manager, Philippines, Accelleron, said: 

“Starlite Ferries has already seen the reliability and cost predictability that come from long-term service relationships under the Turbo LifecycleCare agreement, proven by this extension and the addition of another vessel. With the introduction of Tekomar Xpert, we look forward to delivering even greater opportunities for efficiency and cost savings over the next three years.”

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