The first LNG fueled cruise ship is powered by ABB Turbocharging

The AIDAnova running ABB Turbocharging turbochargers
AIDAnova, the first cruise ship in the world that can be operated on purely liquefied natural gas (LNG), selects ABB’s TPL-C turbochargers.

AIDAnova, the first cruise ship in the world that can be operated on purely liquefied natural gas (LNG), selects ABB’s TPL-C turbochargers.

ABB Turbocharging has a long-standing relationship with the renowned cruise line AIDA Cruises. The partnership, established since the mid-90s, remains constant as technology evolves. AIDA equipped its vessel AIDAprima, which went into service in May 2016, with a dual-fuel engine able to run on both liquid and gaseous fuels. In a bid to move towards a lower emissions fleet, LNG was used as the source of energy for the ship during its stays at the port. Back then, charge! asked AIDA, “How about cruising on LNG?”. Today, the question is answered with AIDA’s newest generation cruise ship due to set sail later this year on the world’s first LNG powered cruise vessel.

The first cruise line in the world capable of operating 100 percent on LNG is a groundbreaking development and confirmation of AIDA’s vision and commitment to green cruising. The use of LNG as a fuel almost completely eliminates emissions of fine dust and oxides of sulfur (SOx), leads to the reduction of  nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by 80 percent as well as the reduction of greenhouse emissions (CO2) by 20 percent. The vessel’s electrical power source for the hotel consumers as well as the cruise ship’s powerful propulsion system are supplied by four Caterpillar MaK 16 VM 46 DF dual-fuel engines with a power capacity of 62 MW and ABB Turbocharging’s TPL 76-C35.

Reliability matters

The German cruise line offers the finest combination of cruising, culinary delights, wellness, city tours and experiences of nature. AIDAnova, with an overall length of 337 m and a beam 42 m wide, is one of AIDA’s newest generation ships. It offers the best features of her beautiful sister ships, while also offering many additional new highlights in the accommodation, eateries and entertainment areas.

This top spec vessel is designed to deliver the utmost in customer experience. Therefore, it is imperative that AIDA provides a reliable safe and trusted service. AIDA expects nothing less from its technology partners and suppliers. With an impeccable reputation within the industry for being the most reliable turbochargers for medium-speed engines, the TPL-C series turbochargers from ABB Turbocharging were chosen by AIDA, who continue to rely on the technology of ABB to equip their newest generation fleet.

TPL-C turbo­chargers for AIDAnova

The success of the TPL-C series

Specifically designed for four-stroke medium-speed diesel and gas engines, the TPL-C series meets the needs of both the engine builders and vessel operators for solid efficiency, safe and reliable operations.

In the ten years since their market launch, the TPL-Cs have been successfully applied with a full range of fuels, including, heavy fuel oil (HFO), marine diesel oil (MDO)/marine gasoil (MGO), and gas. With over 7,000 turbochargers in operation across the world, the TPL-C series enables an attractive combination of high power output, fuel savings and low emissions, as well as easy installation and servicing. Operators benefit not only from competitive lifecycle costs, but also from the assurance of a well-established relationship and reputable supplier for both quality and reliability.

ABB turbochargers – all aboard!

AIDAnova is currently under construction at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany. The ship’s engine components were delivered using two separate floating engine room units (FERU). At the facilities of Caterpillar Motoren Rostock GmbH in 2017, ABB’s turbochargers were installed on the engines, which were later transferred with the module to Papenburg.

The AIDAnova will be taken to the seas mid-November 2018 and will be visiting the Canary Islands during her maiden season.

image credit: AIDA Cruises, ABB Turbo Systems Ltd