Podcast: turbocharging decoded

Accelleron CEO Daniel Bischofberger talks turbochargers and their impact on the marine, power and other industries in the latest episode of the ABB Decoded podcast.

In the most recent episode of the ABB Decoded podcast, Accelleron CEO Daniel Bischofberger shares a treasure trove of impressive stats and facts about turbocharging, its impact on the marine, power and other industries, as well as why its future is bright.

Did you know that a turbocharged engine provides four times more power than one without? Already, a turbocharger makes fuel go considerably further and cuts emissions without any downside.

Daniel also explains the challenges ahead, as we seek to achieve net zero emissions in international shipping and other sectors. It’s going to require considerable investment in alternative power, but the technology is already in place to make it possible. Future fuels will power the internal combustion engine to new levels of efficiency.

Go ahead and hit play, and learn more in 20 minutes than you might have thought possible.